Joshua David O. Aguilar, Kennedy O. Abuga and Kheirn Karren V. Pajarito

Adventist University of the Philippines

KHEIRN KARREN V. PAJARITO is an instructor at the College of Nursing, Adventist University of the Philippines.


Parenting styles are known to have a powerful influence to children but this does not define whether the child is susceptible to the harmful effects of internet usage or not. Although adolescents are the biggest technology users, there is limited literature exploring the extent of their internet usage and its relationship to parenting style in the Philippines. Thus, the purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of parenting styles to internet usage among adolescence. This cross-sectional study was conducted to 105 respondents from a high school facility in Lipa City, Batangas. The participants were selected using purposive sampling. Respondents answered a self-constructed questionnaire which includes an internet checklist and parenting style questionnaire. Data were analyzed using Mean, Standard Deviation and Pearson correlation. The results revealed that the extent of internet usage in terms of frequency and duration of the respondents has a mean of 5.70 (SD = 1.41) and mean of 3.97 (SD = 1.40), respectively. Moreover, uninvolved parenting style (p = .04) showed a low (r = .197) positive correlation with internet usage in terms of duration of internet use. There is no significant difference in the frequency of internet usage (p = .83) and in the duration of internet usage (p = .44) between male and female respondents.


Keywords: technology, teenager, parenthood