Victor T.C. Sinaga and Judith T. G. Sinaga

Universitas Advent Indonesia

Victor C. Sinaga is currently a Faculty Member of Business and Economics Department of Universitas Advent Indonesia and is teaching Accountancy. He took his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Philippine Christian University, Philippines.


Street vendors are booming nowadays.  Most of the street vendors sell food that are easy to cook and affordable to everyone. This small scale of business is found everywhere. The purposes of this study were to know the different efforts done by the street vendors to improve financial performance, to analyze the financial performance of the vendors, to analyze financial performance, and to explore the effect of street vendors’ efforts on improve financial performance.  The method used in this study was an explanatory of which a purposive sampling technique was applied.  This research was conducted in one of the towns located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. There were 30 street vendors as participants around the town. Regression analysis was used to analyze the effect.  The findings showed that the efforts done by the street vendors have a low correlation with financial performance.  Thus, the effect of street vendor’s efforts on the improvement of financial performance is insignificant.


Keywords:  street vendors, small scale, financial performance, West Java, efforts