Danise Ariana Dayego,Charen Mae Orais,Rom Mc Lowell Illustrisimo and Leilani D. Arce

Adventist University of the Philippines


Leilani D. Arce is a Faculty of the College of Science and Technology, specifically of the Biology Department at the Adventist University of the Philippines.



Deficiency of references to determine the diversity, taxonomy and palynology of ferns in Adventist University of the Philippines has impelled to investigate the various floras of Pteridophytes along AUP creek near motorpool area. Shannon – Wiener index was used to measure the species richness and diversity, whereas, the palynology of 13 Pteridophytic species belonging to seven families were examined using light microscope (LM). All investigated spores were more or less monolete and trilete in shape. Spore size ranged from 23 to 42 μm. Pteris ensiformis Burm. F has the largest spore while Nephrolepis cordifolia (L.) C. Presl has the smallest spore. Among the species, Cyathea sp. has the largest frequency, followed by Pneumatopteris laevis and Pneumatopteris sp. while Bolbitis rhizophylla has the lowest frequency. Richness and diversity of the species and morphological characteristics like spore type could be a significant identification tool for ecological studies and fern taxonomy.


Keywords: Pteridopytes, ferns, palynology, monolete, trilete, spore