Yoanes Sinaga

Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies



The rise of postmodern influence in Jakarta triggers a change of perspective among the younger generation which is contrary to the core values of older generations.  However, the Adventist church members in Indonesia adopted a rigid form of worship theology that hindered a more flexible evangelistic approach in reaching postmodern generation. This attitude toward worship signifies a perplexing theological and practical problem that need to be addressed to make the gospel more relevant to the current generations. In order to address this issue, it is necessary to develop a mission theology of worship that enables the church to reach more effectively the younger generation who has been influenced by postmodern worldview. There were three purposes that served as the foundation of the research. First, to explore the biblical understanding of worship; second, to observe the impact of post modernistic worldview upon the people in Jakarta; and third, to establish a mission theology of worship which will give the church the needed framework in ministering to the younger generations who seem apathetical toward the Adventist gospel. After an extensive analysis of both Old and New Testament, the author developed seven statements which form a theological framework of worship in reaching postmodern generations in Indonesia.


Keywords: post-modern generation, attitude towards worship, mission theology of worship