Marvin Nonoy B. Campit

Northern Luzon Adventist College


A local of Moncada, Tarlac, Marvin Nonoy B. Campit is currently the Alumni Coordinator, Public Relation Officer, associate professor for both undergraduate and graduate studies, dean of the School of Teacher Education and Graduate Program Coordinator at the Northern Luzon Adventist College. He had been the director for Research and Extension Services and Development and Philanthropic Services.



Nusche and Moorman (2008) postulated that school leadership is now an education policy priority around the world. Concerns such as clear cut guidelines or standard framework for performance, qualifications and preparations are consideration that needs to be rationalized and institutionalized. Anchored on Fiedler’s Contingency theory, the study critically analyzed the association of leadership style and personality types to the performance of 41 basic education school heads of SDA-NLM in the Philippines in an attempt to improve educational outcomes. Descriptive correlational method was used aided with three sets of questionnaires in leadership, personality and performance. Data on leadership and personality correlated to the performance of school heads. Participative leadership style manifested. Personality types fall under extroverted, sensing, thinking and judging (ESTJ). Autocratic leadership style correlates to school heads performance. Personality type of thinking and feeling correlates to performance. Leadership correlates to school heads performance. Autocratic style, sensing and judging for personality type serves as the predictive model for high performance. Premised on the result, the Performance Development Framework was offered to accomplish the needed leadership growth. Differences on leadership style and personality types on selected variables can be considered for further inquiry. Spiral model of leadership emerged as a result of the study.

Keywords: leadership, personality, performance, school heads