Noah Anburaj Balraj, Pradeep Tudu and Payom Sriharat

Faculty of Business Administration, Asia-Pacific International University

Dr. Noah Anburaj Balraj is a teacher in the Faculty of Business Administration at Asia-Pacific International University and his passion is to learn through interdisciplinary research.


The preference in the 21st century’s trend among studying and growing adults are moving in the direction of using ATM/Debit cards for major transactions (cashless) and cash payments for minor transactions. This study investigated how consumers were influenced to use ATM/Debit card. The objective of the study was to identify the influence of the factors considered. The researchers considered 19 influencing factors due to its current relevance viz. culture, technological trends, social status, social group influence, family influence, occupation, convenience, user personality, reduction in transaction time, card benefits, card usage facilities, bank influence, spending habits of the user, being an influencer, cashless transaction, security, easy to carry and store, facing uncertainty, and innovation trend. These factors were considered due to their current relevance. A questionnaire was utilized as research instrument to find out ATM/Debit card users behavior’s discretion over a sample size of 294. Descriptive analysis using SD and percentage was used for data analysis. Two demographic characteristics such as age group and gender were used to understand the influence. The overall influence on the factors was 71.61 %, while 29.39 % were not influenced. Follow up study on unlisted factors could be considered.

Keywords: ATM/Debit Card Usage, consumer behavior, influencing factors

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