Winelfred Pasamba
Adventist University of the Philippines


Winelfred Pasamba is a Computer Science graduate from the Adventist University of the Philippines and has been with the programming team even before finishing his studies.  He has been maintaining the system since year 2000.  He also teaches in the Engineering and Computer Science programs.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making computers function like humans.  Its value is on automating manual processes, reducing human errors, and analytics.  The question is, how much AI can a school practically use help its processes?  Case studies on the whys, the hows, and the effects of different Artificial Intelligence technologies, algorithms, solutions implemented at Adventist University of the Philippines Online Information System from 1999 thru 2018 include: at least three versions of automated student evaluation for academic departments, techniques to reduce encoding errors, automatic decisional computation and balanced entry of assessment with 140+ variables and 220+ conditions, scheduling conflicts identification and resolution for teachers and rooms, learning algorithms to reduce encoding by remembering corrections, and fun things like Facebook-like automated personalized video editing of classmates’ videos.  Results point out that once AI has helped a process, it is almost unimaginable to do revert to pre-AI era style processing; hence, continuous improvement in AI implementations is recommended in the future.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, enrollment system, academic system, checklist, automated video editing