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Hope Amidst the Pandemic

Apr 27, 2022

The university held its first medical mission since the pandemic at the Health Service Clinic yesterday, April 24, 2022. This event is a continuation of AUP’s 105th Founding Anniversary celebration. There were almost five hundred individuals who received five star-class surgical services for free. The services given were circumcision, removal of pterygium, and other minor surgeries. Also, AUP provided free medicine for those who came.

We would like to thank our doctors, nurses, and others who volunteered and helped us make this program a success. Moreover, we highly appreciate the support of our following sponsors and partners: the AUP Extension Services, AUP Health Service, PUC/AUP Alumni of Western North America (AWESNA), International College of Surgeons, Manila Central University Medical Center, V. Luna Medical Center, The Medical City, Rural Health Unit of Silang, Rural Health Unit of Lumil, Perpetual Help Medical Center, and Fadz Pharma Inc.

Indeed, AUP is committed to continue reaching out to the less privileged people who are in need of basic medical care and treatment. Most importantly, we want to share Jesus’ love and healing ministry to our community.