Anthony Ceasar S. Dadulla is an experienced management systems, operational excellence (Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma, and BPM), and strategic business program consultant and practitioner.  He earned his MBA from the Ateneo de Manila University; completed a course in Total Quality Management from the UP Diliman; and finished BS Chemical Engineering from the Mapúa University-Manila.

Anthony Ceasar S. Dadulla

Adventist University of the Philippines


ISO certifications of Philippine industrial companies have been a norm in the country since the early 90s and since then, there has been only one study in 2008 that correlates it to organizational performance. Hence, this study serves as an update to the said study. This study aimed to establish the effect of ISO 9001 implementation and certification on the organizational performance of Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)-listed industrial organizations/ companies in the Philippines. The survey drew on web content analysis to collect data from 65 organizations’ PSE publicly available data. Data were collected on net profit, sales revenue, and book value over a four-year period (2014-2017). The research used statistical data analysis to investigate the association between ISO 9001 implementation and certification and organizations’ financial performance before and after their certification. The results of the survey revealed that ISO 9001 implementation and certification is correlated to the increase in sales revenue, net profit, and book value of the organizations. There was statistically significant difference in the sales revenues, net profits, and book values among ISO 9001 certified organizations before and after their certification.  The findings of the study provide justification for the adoption and implementation of ISO 9001 management system international standard in organizations from all sectors of the Philippine economy. ISO 9001 certified organizations surveyed in this paper have proven to enhance their business financial performance which can help them achieve their strategic goals; while those who have not undertaken such endeavor can benchmark from the said success.

Keywords: quality management, management system international standard, ISO 9001, organizational performance