Erwin Arzadon Caparas, MBA is a student of Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce Program major in Business Management at AUP.  The researcher is currently the Associate Dean of the College of Accountancy, Business, Economics and International Hospitality Management at BatStateU.  His field of interest is about financial literacy, marketable securities and entrepreneurship.

Erwin A. Caparas

Adventist University of the Philippines


Customer satisfaction survey is an indispensable tool to gauge the performance of an organization on the perspective of its stakeholders.  Results of the survey serve as the basis for continuous improvement of quality services.  Lack of fully documented study on student satisfaction at ABC University prompted the proponent to pursue the paper.  This descriptive research utilized a standardized customer satisfaction survey questionnaire.  Two hundred two graduating students from six colleges were used as the respondents of the study.  Results revealed that the respondents are generally satisfied with the services of the University in terms of teaching and learning modes; academic conditions and provisions; study experience; acquired competencies; and extent of contribution of the university to acquire competencies.  Moreover, there is a significant difference on the satisfaction ratings of the services of the University when the respondents were grouped according to colleges.  The areas needing improvement as assessed by the respondents were the use of written outputs and technology-aided instruction as teaching and learning mode, the provision of recreational spaces/student center and clean toilets, the involvement of students in extension activities, improvement of the students, and oral communication and ICT skills. It is hereby recommended that: faculty members consider the use of technology-aided instruction and enforce the use of oral and written communications as teaching and learning medium; the administration consider the inclusion of additional recreational spaces and the establishment of student center in the campus; the program chairpersons employ the use of student volunteers for extension programs, activities and projects; if the budget warrants, the administration may consider adding more computer and internet laboratories that will accommodate the needs of the students; and conduct similar studies using different service quality models.

Keywords:student satisfaction survey, customer satisfaction, quality management