Enoch Asuah-Duodu and Piang Lian Thang

Adventist University of the Philippines


There is the quest for quality care of patients in the hospital globally. Management of hospitals depends on the knowledge of its workforce for total quality management (TQM) to access organizations’ success. This study examined the relationship between knowledge management, organizational culture, and total quality management and if knowledge management and organizational culture are predictors of TQM. Finally, if there is a significant difference on TQM when considering workers sex and age. The research design was descriptive-correlation using t-test, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and Pearson Correlation. One hundred hospital workers were conveniently selected to answer a self-constructed questionnaire. The study revealed that knowledge management and organizational culture has positive correlation on total quality management in a health facility.  Sex and age of the health workers do not differ on TQM.

Keywords:knowledge management, organizational culture, total quality management