Redmond D. Chico, Emma Lina F. Lopez, Bella Marie Fabian, Rowel Antonio, Amelia Butial and Feranando Trinidad

Centro Escolar University – Manila


This study aimed to evaluate the effectivity of QBO Innovation Hub’s support to Philippine Startups in addressing the two (2) major challenges of startups namely: (a) Financial resources and (b) rigid political and regulatory policies (PWC Survey, 2017). The study discussed the current situation of the Philippine Startup Ecosystem. Qualitative research method has been chosen for this study wherein the researcher conducted an informative interview with the startup founders that provided extensive responses that thoroughly address and evaluate how QBO’s programs help the startups and the ecosystem based on the aforementioned challenges. The researcher came up with significant proposed programs to QBO Innovation Hub’ assistance to the startup community. QBO has remarkable efforts in assisting startup ventures. QBO being a Public-Private-Partnership company that makes them advantageous in terms of connections that they have to come up with various program enhancements that could further help the startups as conferred by the respondents. The startups’ business nature is a strong determinant on how much funds or the kind of assistance they would need. It is a chicken and egg situation in having to work or get investors and partners for the startup ventures, intertwined on their credibility, validation and funding roadblocks.

Keywords: Philippine startups, Startup ecosystem, Entrepreneurship, QBO Innovation Hub, Incubation Program