Guidelines for Oral Presentation

About the Oral Presentation

  1. Oral Presentation will be divided into two parts. The first part will include the 12-minute oral presentation. A two-minute warning will be given to terminate the presentation. The second part is the question and answer which is limited to only 3 minutes.
  2. Session chairs are instructed to terminate oral presentations which exceed their allotted time.
  3. Multiple presenters for a single presentation will be allowed to present however the time allotted must be split among the presenters.


Guidelines on the Use of the PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Be sure to explain/define any slang terms or acronyms.
  2. PowerPoint slides should not have more than seven lines of information.
  3. Be cautious of your allotted time.
  4. Information on the slide should be spaced evenly.
  5. Use the provided template for your presentation. (If you have not received a copy of the template, feel free to email the 1IRF secretariat.
  6. Maintain consistent fonts all throughout the slides. Avoid using no more than two fonts on one slide.
  7. Use professional traditional bullets (i.e., circles or squares) instead of ‘fun’ or ‘fancy’ bullets.
  8. Background and font color must be easy to read at a distance.
  9. The font should be easy to read and should not be smaller than 24-point.
  10. Headers are in the same font and font size throughout the presentation.
  11. The body of the slides should be in the same font and font size throughout the presentation.
  12. Limit the use of animations. If using animation, be sure that animation is timed, and transitions do not occur on the click.



Speaker Guidelines

  1. Your audience is multinational, and some do not have mastery of the English language. It is therefore recommended that you speak slower than usual, and use simpler/smaller words, and simpler/shorter sentences. Long, compound sentences will confuse the audience.
  2. Minimize the use of acronyms or internal lingo and jargon unless previously described/explained.
  3. Do not tell jokes! Feel free to use humor, but not too much of that.
  4. Avoid using graphics or photos on your PowerPoint presentation that may be nation-centric or that could be offensive to other cultures. Keep it simple!
  5. Remember that your PowerPoint should only serve as an aid to your presentation with a limited number of words. Do not read your presentation.