Raiza Kate L. Ico is a 25 year-old faculty member of Aurora State College of Technology, Baler Aurora. She is currently taking up Master in Business Administration – Thesis at Centro Escolar University. She received her undergraduate degree of Bachelor in Banking and Finance at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Raiza Kate L. Ico and Amelita M. Borlongan

Centro Escolar University and Aurora State College of Technology


Farmers’ low income has been a stagnant issue left unaddressed in the Philippines. There are several factors that influence farm profitability have been recognized; this includes engagement of farmers in entrepreneurship. This descriptive study assessed the current entrepreneurial practices of selected farmer-entrepreneurs in four areas, financial management, marketing, basic accounting, and production to develop an extension program proposal that aims to help in the alleviation of the profitability of farmers. The sample of the study covers 197 farmer-entrepreneurs in Central Aurora, Philippines that are identified as farm-tenants only. The researcher made use of a self-constructed questionnaire that was validated and tested for reliability as the primary instrument. Data collected through the survey method was interpreted through descriptive statistics. Findings of the study revealed that limited knowledge of financial resources availability and inadequate understanding of business operations have led to financial problems of the respondents. Furthermore, the entrepreneurial practices of the respondents need improvement. Therefore, an extension program was proposed to enhance the current farm-entrepreneurship in Central Aurora.

Keywords: farm entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial practices, farm profitability, extension programs, descriptive study