Mr. Jordan Fiel C. Aba is an Assistant Professor at Manila Adventist College. At present he is a student of Doctor of Philosphy in Commerce major in Business Management at Adventist University of the Philippines. His interest in the field of research is about knowledge management and information systems management.

Jordan Fiel C. Aba

Adventist University of the Philippines


The study examined the influence of organizational politics on behavior of employees in the local government unit. A survey-based research design, utilizing 40 participants, was used to evaluate the employee’s view of political behaviors and practices within the organization. There were 21 males and 19 females who participated. In analyzing the data, SPSS was used to measure descriptive analysis, correlational and regression analysis. The results showed that employees agree that organizational politics influences are not observed in the institution, employees are more committed to their current jobs, most of them preferred working in a group rather than individually, employees experience work related stress, and males dominate most of the work. The influence of uncertainty, present challenges, and gender differentiation are organizational politics indicators that were significantly correlated to employee behavior. The results of this research are helpful for the organizations and society to manage the problematic side of organizational politics.

Keywords: organizational politics, employee behaviour, local government unit