Roze Munar Espero is a Registered Nurse and has Master in Nursing from AUP. She works at Mountain View College as a Clinical Instructor in the School of Nursing prior to being a Library Circulations Supervisor. She recently finished her Master of Library and Information Science from Centro Escolar University.

Roze Munar Espero

Mountain View College


The advent of ICT created a big impact on the delivery of library services. The purpose of this paper is to determine the E-readiness of nine SDA academic libraries in the Philippines in terms of human resources, electronic infrastructure, network services and programs, and networked world enhancers. This quantitative-descriptive study, with 203 respondents through random sampling method, uses the E-readiness tool counted against Slovin’s formula at 5% margin of error through a 4-point Likert’s scale instrument developed by Motahari-Nezhad et al. (2018). The paper is the first assessment of the E-readiness of SDA Academic libraries in the Philippines. The findings revealed that the E-readiness had an average of low to very low in terms of human resources (2.04), enhancers of the networked world (1.76), electronic infrastructure (1.70) and network services and programs (1.71). The result showed no significant difference when grouped according to the respondents’ age and gender. But when grouped according to respondents’ educational attainment, position, and years of services, the assessment differ significantly. This implies that the academic library needs of the participants are at a varying state, and their assessment towards ICT benefits and services of their academic libraries opt to offer strongly correspond to their pursuit of continuing professional development and in-depth researches, their roles and functions, and their experiential backgrounds in the academe. Hence, an ICT development Program is proposed with relevant plans and procedures which addresses the challenges of SDA academic libraries.

Keywords:e-readiness, academic libraries, ICT, ICT development program