Romegio Cobatsa is a Project Management Analyst from a Fortune 500 company and a candidate for MBA in Total Quality Management.  He graduated college with honors earning BS in Tourism Management. He is a travel enthusiast, a part time financial advisor and an entrepreneur.

Romegio F. Cobatsa and Ambrosio Dela Cruz

Centro Escolar University


This study examined the barriers encountered by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in Manila, Philippines in implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) to their respective organizations to gain comprehensive understanding on the challenges in service industries like schools. The study identified the barriers in HEIs and suggested workable and realistic actions for improvement that might help the educational organizations overcome identified barriers to sustain the ISO standards. The study was participated by 16 respondents and they are TQM SMEs, TQM Coordinators and teaching and non-teaching employees with direct involvement and participation to the quality initiatives from each participating university. Mixed method was adopted to examine the barriers in TQM implementation of ISO Certified HEIs. To gather the data, the researcher used the descriptive research method to check whether to accept or not the alternative hypothesis that the barriers identified to have a significant effect to the implementation of TQM of selected ISO Certified Schools in Manila. For the problem on determining the respondent’s profile, frequency and percentage distribution was used. A factor analysis was conducted after checking the reliability using the Cronbach alpha and correlations of the data set to check the weights of the barrier categories set for this research. The findings indicated that structural and human resource barriers among the others got the least rank in terms of agreement of the respondents which was also prioritized in the meaningful plan for improvement. The plan sought to help not just ISO certified schools but Higher Education in general pertaining to implementation of TQM to provide quality service and education.

Keywords: TQM, higher educational institution, quality assurance in organizations