Structure and Composition

The board is composed of a Chair, a Secretariat, and four panel members. These members have been selected on the basis of their background, professional knowledge, ethical expertise, and willingness to commit the necessary time and effort to the board. The board is structured to represent the various fields of research commonly done in the University, including, but not limited to religion, health, social science, biology, and business. It also involves at least one person with a background in law and at least one layperson to represent the general public. Both men and women are to be equally represented in the board. For research requiring the expertise beyond the board’s scope, the board may invite external reviewers with the corresponding expertise to review the research protocol and attend the meeting. The board will also formulate a list of alternate panel members to attend the meeting in the case of an anticipated lack of quorum. The board convenes once a month or as needed. Quorum is established when majority of the members are present (half of the voting members plus one).