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Pasay Campus

The coming of Elder L.V. Finster in 1908 as a pioneering missionary led to the conversion of young Filipinos to Adventism.  Bibiano Panis, Emilio Manalaysay, and Leon Roda were also trained on methods of sharing the gospel.  They impressed Elder A.G. Daniels, President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, of the need to build a school for them. The matter was presented to the General Conference Committee and in due time a small amount was raised to purchase a five-acre lot (worth $6,500 equivalent to Php13,000 then) at the corner of Donada and San Juan Streets in Pasay City, where the North Philippine Union Conference of SDA is presently located.  The rest of the money purchased lumber for the construction of the school’s first building.  The school was opened in June 12, 1917 to 36 students, 12 of whom were girls.  Part of the curriculum was the work program to help students earn money while they study. The first faculty of the academy were Professor I.A. Steniel, who was both the principal and business manager, and Professor O.F. Sevrens who was the preceptor.   Both had come to the Philippines with their families as missionaries.  Marciano A. Roxas was the first Filipino teacher employed by the Academy.  In 1925, at the Spring Council of the Far Eastern Division, it was voted that the academy be authorized to carry fourteen grades, adding one grade each year towards 1927 and that the name be changed to Philippine Junior College. Elder W. B. Amundsen was elected principal in 1927 until the year 1931.