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Core Values

Using the acronym MINISTRY, these eight core values unite the university community despite diversity of experiences, preferences, values, beliefs, and practices into collective commitment, force and action towards accomplishing its mission and vision.

Morality is being one with the principles and standards of right conduct founded and gradually developthrough a consistent and prayerful life.

Integrity means upholding honesty, commitment, time consciousness, ethical and moral conduct at all times and in all relationships; accountability and fairness in the development of social responsibility and in the discharge of duties and commitments.

Nobility through exemplary professionalism is the ability to be rational and reasonable as against being emotional; and to honor one’s word, one’s talk and one’s action.

Innovation which is here defined as efficiency and/or innovativeness, means putting value on creativity and originality in accomplishing the university’s mission.

Servant leadership as the key to quality service is being physically and socially fit to render friendly, quality, and willing service in a safe environment using effective communication.

Transcendence is showing excellence in the professional academic atmosphere, educational technologies, quality of graduates, productivity, relationships, and delivery of programs.

Responsiveness to the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is responding to the need for skilled and dedicated missionaries worldwide.

Yielding to the majority’s decision is a basic rule in any democratic process. It recognizes the right of the minority to be heard but once the majority present has reached a decision and the University has called for voting in any official meetings, the minority must then abide by, and respect the majority’s decision.