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Strategic Goals

  1. To develop spiritual programs which will lead members of the University community to a saving, growing relationship with God and a loving, caring relationship with each other.
  2. To create a conducive learning environment that will stimulate highquality educational experience for faculty, staff and students in a Christian setting.
  3. To foster an academic climate that will promote excellence in research and publication, that will invigorate both undergraduate and graduate education.
  4. To attract, develop, and retain competent faculty and staff who will be committed to the philosophy, mission, vision, and values of the University.
  5. To create an environment that will be proactive and responsive to the needs of students.
  6. To instill a positive work attitude in students.
  7. To establish an efficient and effective regular communication withstakeholders to enhance the image of the University and to establish the goodwill to support its programs.
  8. To expand the internal and external sources of funding the University programs.
  9. To provide efficient and cost-effective services by the support services departments.
  10. To collaborate with the community, constituency, and stakeholders in the provision of academic and spiritual outreach programs, and humanitarian services.