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Guidelines for International Students


These Guidelines for Foreign Students are formulated as a guide and reference, specifically for our foreign students, and to provide detailed information to assist and make their stay in the Philippines legal and valid.


The Adventist University of the Philippines, a faith-based institution and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, has its reason for existence succinctly stated in its motto: “The School that Trains for Service and Prepares for Eternity.” The purposes of the University can even be stated in just two words: spirituality and service. In addition to excellence in academic training, belief in these two inter-connecting purposes continue to attract parents and students in the education experience offered by the University.


The work of education and the work of redemption are one: to restore in humanity the lost image of God through the harmonious development of his mental, physical, social and spiritual faculties.


Adventist University of the Philippines is committed to provide quality Bible-based education nurturing students for academic excellence, Christ-like character, and exemplary service.
Adventist University of the Philippines envisions to be a leading Adventist educational institution in the Asia Pacific region by 2020.

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