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Term 2nd Semester & Intersem Academic Year 2019 - 2020


The recent COVID-19 outbreak has led us through unfamiliar grounds in teaching and learning. This pandemic has changed the way in which most of us live, work or perform our basic day to day functions. We are all deeply affected by this unusual circumstances; however, by the  grace of God, we will rise above the challenges.

It has been always our goal that no one will be left behind. To those who are able and willing to finish this second semester through online learning will have the opportunity to do so, while those who are unable will be accommodated as we readjust our policies accordingly.

We understand that not all can participate in online learning due to unavoidable circumstances. We would like to assure our students that we will not fail students this semester. We will be giving a whole year to complete their requirements. Thus, we created flexible learning (online learning and self-directed learning) which adapt to our students’ needs.

In order for each of our students to get the right information regarding with their concerns, we would like to dedicate a special page in all our websites- the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Here, we are going to address the main concerns of our students such as enrolment, grades, tuition and fees.

Please, navigate this page by clicking any of the topics/questions and the answers will be provided. If you wish to send as a message, please do so. Here is our official email (

For now, let us concentrate to protect ourselves, our families and community as we abide to the guidelines and regulations our government is imposing.

With steadfast faith in the Lord, determination and cooperation, we can navigate safely through this crisis. By God’s grace we will continue to Shine On!




1.1  What will happen if a student was not able to take an online examination and was not able to complete the requirements for this 2nd semester?

The student will be given one year to complete the course without penalty. However, in AOLIS the grade will be encoded as INC until the student completes the missed requirements.

1.2  Will there be additional fees for the make-up classes and completion of requirements?

There will be no additional fees for the completion of the grade. But if the student decides to stay in the dorm he/she will pay only the dorm and cafeteria fees.

1.3. I am supposed to graduate by May 2020 but I was not able to finish my requirements. What should I do?

You need to process your residency for June-July 2020 but you will not need to pay for it. If you finish all your requirements on or before July 21, you will be declared as July 2020 graduate and can still join the July 30, 2020 graduation rites (tentative date).

1.4  What should I do if I have a concern with my professor on the conduct of online learning?

Your department chairperson and the college dean are there to assist. Please do not hesitate to contact them because they are more than willing to help you.

1.5  How will I know the basis of the computation of my grade?

Students should discuss with their teachers the basis for the computation of grades in each course for 2nd Semester, AY 2019-2020. It is your prerogative to be informed on how you will be graded.

1.6  Will there be a graduation ceremony?

Yes. If the government permits we will have the graduation ceremony on July 30, 2020. It will be a one day event only.


2.1  What are the requirements for new and transferring students?

Here are the requirements:

Birth Certificate
Form138 (Back-To-Back) or Certificate of Graduation/Diploma
Passport Bio-Page (Foreign Student Only)
Transcript of Records (Graduate Students and Transferees)
2×2 Picture (White Background)

2.2  What is the enrollment process for the Intersemester (June-July 2020) and for the 1st Semester (August – December 2020)?

The mode of enrollment will be online. Please await further instructions. We will be posting the details of the new enrollment process in our website and in the FB page soon.


3.1  How to pay and settle accounts?

There 3 ways to settle accounts:

Bank deposits

3.2  TUITION & LAB FEES | Are students still obliged to pay their 2nd Semester 2019-2020 tuition and fees in full—particularly for lab fees—despite students being unable to attend such classes?

Students are obliged to pay the tuition in full. We have substituted face to face/physical classes with online classes which were conducted by our teachers even during ECQ. Hence, this cost mainly goes to the salaries and benefits which are already fixed cost.

For the laboratories, there will be make-up classes that will be done after the ECQ for the missed laboratory classes.

3.3  DORMITORY FEES | Will there be a refund for students who went home due to the ECQ?

There will be a refund equivalent to one and one half (1.5) month stay for occupants who went back to their homes due to ECQ. This was computed from the declaration of the ECQ for the entire Luzon (March 15, 2020).

3.4  CAFETERIA LOAD | How about for cafeteria load that was not used, can it be credited to the next semester?

We will be crediting the second semester unconsumed cafeteria load to the incoming Intersemester or 1st Semester for AY-2020-2021.

For Unloaded cafeteria, we will also credit your balance to the incoming intersemester.

 3.5  CAFETERIA LOAD | How about if a student decides not to study in campus for the Intersemester (June-July 2020), will the cafeteria load be credited for the 1st Semester (Aug – Dec 2020)?

It can also be credited for the 1st semester of AY 2020-2021.

 3.6  OTHER FEES | What are the other fees AUP is refunding?

Water Charged, Guidance, College Paper and Athletics. We will be crediting them to your students’ accounts.

3.7  OTHER FEES | What will happen to fees such as off campus fee and unused clinic fees?

This is yet being decided by the finance committee. We will get back to you on these matters, soon.

3.8  REFUND PROCESS | How can we process the refund?

The total amount of refund for each student shall be credited to his/her respective accounts. The student’s adjusted account balance, which can be viewed on line, shall be the basis for the amount of actual refund. Here is the process:

Accomplish the Cash Withdrawal Form
Present the CWF to the university disbursing cashier.
Receive your newly printed Statement of Account with adjusted fees from your refund.


4.1  Will there be working students for the Intersemester (June-July 2020)?

AUP will be on a skeleton staff this coming intersemester due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will be maximizing our staff for all the services in the university including the duties that working students are currently doing. Should there still be a need, we may accept some working students. 

4.2  Will there be assistance for the working students who wants to go back to their provinces?

The University is currently coordinating with the LGUs to avail the service ‘Balik Probinsya’ program by the government. To those who are interested to avail this service, kindly visit our SSO for in- campus students and look for Sir Emer Rumarate, coordinator for working students. You can also contact him through this number: 09121861426.

4.3  If the student will not enroll for the Intersemester but would like to stay in the dorm will he/she be allowed?

Yes, after complying with the SSO process.

 4.4. What is the process if the student would like to stay in the dormitory even if he/she will not enroll for the Intersemester (June-July 2020)

The following is the process to be observed for request to stay in the dorm/apartment without enrolling during the Inter-semester 2019-2020:

Letter request from student with parent’s consent.
Justification/reason why they should be allowed to stay without enrolling.
Certification of department chair/college dean on the following reasons:

No subject offered
Thesis Writing
Complying with academic requirements

Other valid reasons
Endorsement from residence dean.
Contract signing with Student Services Office (SSO).
Endorsement by the SSO to the DSF for payment (Dorm and Cafetiera).
Payment to the DSF.
Original Receipt to be presented to the residence dean before acceptance.
Deadline is on or before May 25, 2020 (Monday).