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2nd Semester, Academic Year 2020 - 2021 (January to May 2021)

What is the plan of the Adventist University of the Philippines for its learning modality during the 2nd Semester of 2020-2021 (January to May 2021)?

AUP is prepared to face the challenges brought by the pandemic. We will continue to adopt remote learning modalities and tailor fit it with the needs of the programs and of our learners.

College of Arts and Humanities will provide online modes of learning for its general education courses, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

College of Business will utilize online learning  tools for its students in the undergraduate and graduate programs to consistently offer quality business courses.

College of Dentistry will use online learning modes for the lecture classes. Laboratory classes for levels 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 will also be online. If government regulations allow, clinical courses will be delivered through face-to-face modality.

College of Education will continue to offer courses that are delivered via online learning in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

College of Health will deliver graduate and Nutrition and Dietetics courses online. For Medical Laboratory Science courses for first year to third year students, lecture and laboratory courses will utilize online modes of learning.  If government regulations permit, Level 4 students will be provided face-to-face learning experiences through the simulation lab at AUP.

College of Medicine will offer course lectures (didactics) through online learning modes.  If government regulations permit, lab and clinicals, as well as clinical clerkships will be delivered through blended mode (online and face-to-face). Conferences will remain online.

College of Nursing will use online mode of learning to deliver both undergraduate and graduate programs.

College of Science and Technology will offer general education and other lecture-based courses through online modalities. However, it will adopt flexible means of learning, especially if government regulations permit, such as for laboratories for major courses and on-the-job training, to be delivered face-to-face or blended.

College of Theology will utilize online learning tools to deliver its courses.

Center for Graduate Studies will provide graduate courses, services, and applications online.

Basic Education (Elementary and Academy) will deliver learning online.

1st Semester, Academic Year 2020 – 2021 FAQs
1. How do I apply to become a student of AUP?

Applicants for undergraduate and graduate students can access the application portal through this website. For First Semester 2020-2021, you will find it through

Requirements for application are:


  • Original High School Card (Form 138)
  • Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character (from the High School)
  • At least 2 Recommendation Letters (from non-school, such as church pastors, etc.)
  • Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (if married female)
  • 2 x 2 picture

For transferees from other colleges or universities, a certificate of eligibility to transfer (honorable dismissal) and Certified true copy of Grades/Transcript of Records


  • Photocopy of College/University Transcript of Records and Degree Certificate
  • Two Letters of Recommendation from employer/minister/priest
  • Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (if married female)
  • 2 x 2 picture

All requirements will be uploaded as digital copies through the admission portal provided in the AUP website.

If you are applying as an undergraduate student and your high school cannot issue an original Form 138/HS Transcript because of the pandemic, you may submit a certificate of graduation as issued by the school.

2. What is the mode of delivery of instruction of AUP?

AUP is adopting flexible learning approaches, which is a combination of different modes of learning depending on the needs of our students. We will primarily provide instruction remotely to where our students will be (homes, dorms). A big portion of the lesson delivery will be online using our learning management system (LMS), which is AUP iStudy as enhanced by MS Teams and other tools. If you will be enrolling in these colleges for the First Semester 2020-2021, you should expect the modality to be such:

College of Arts and Humanities will be fully online in delivering lectures, assignments, assessments, and other materials for learning. These include General Education courses such as Purposive Communication. Courses for the major areas (e.g.  psychology, fine arts) will also be offered tailored for online learning (iStudy, MS Teams).

College of Business will be fully online in delivering lectures, assignments, assessments, and other materials for learning. Major areas (e.g. accountancy, business administration, IT) will be offered through online platforms such as MS Teams and iStudy.

College of Dentistry will have all lecture classes to be fully online. However, periodic blended learning (face-to-face plus online) meetings (with all health protocols followed) will be provided for those students with laboratory requirements and clinics. Students in blended classes must stay inside the AUP Campus.

College of Education will have all lecture classes to be fully online. However, those who will be doing their practice teaching for the first semester should choose to stay inside the AUP campus if they do not have the necessary gadgets and internet access.

College of Health will have all lecture and laboratory classes to be fully online. Activities that require in-person skills acquisition will be incorporated in the second semester laboratory schedule. However, the COH will facilitate practicum and internships inside the campus which will require students to make arrangements to live in the dormitories/apartments in AUP.

College of Nursing will be fully online in delivering lectures, assignments, assessments, RLEs, and other materials for learning. Clinicals are moved to the next semester, while opportunities and needs for completion for some students will be arranged and facilitated accordingly.

College of Medicine will be fully online in delivering lectures, assignments, assessments, and other materials for learning from August to September. Hopefully by September to December, blended learning (face-to-face and online) can be facilitated by the college.

College of Science and Technology will have all lecture classes to be fully online. However, those who will be doing their practicum for the first semester should choose to stay inside the AUP campus to be able to use laboratory facilities.

College of Theology will be fully online in delivering lectures, assignments, assessments, and other materials for learning.Online platforms such as MS Teams and iStudy will be used extensively.

3. How much are the fees to study in AUP?
4. Can I stay in the AUP campus this First Semester 2020-2021?

The campus is open to student residents to the dormitories and apartments, given that:

  1. There are compelling reasons for them to stay on campus such as academic or special needs
  2. The student has finished with the Pre-registration process
  3. The student has done pre-screening with the AUP Health Service via online
  4. The student is willing to follow health regulations and campus quarantine protocols in this time of the pandemic

You may request additional information by sending an e-mail to

5. Who needs to pre-register?

Pre-registration attempts to decongest our queues during the registration proper. New students and continuing students should participate in the pre-registration to do the following:

  1. Make arrangements for in-campus accommodations (dormitory, apartments, village).
  2. Make arrangements for off-campus approval. This depends on your status, proximity to the campus, and the presence of your guardian or parents (for undergraduate students). At the moment, most students are expected to be off-campus unless they make arrangements for in-campus accommodation.
  3. Pay tuition and other fees. Payments will include clearing your balances (for continuing students) and making downpayments or full payments (for continuing and new students).
  4. Get your credit units assigned. The Student Finance office will review the payments made and the arrangements of accommodations and evaluate the credit units that can be awarded for the student. This should prepare you to create your “wishlist” for your courses based on your curriculum.
  5. Choose courses to take for the semester, thus preparing a wishlist for your department chair.

After the pre-registration, both continuing and new students will be able to seek approvals of their courses during the registration period.

6. How do I enroll in AUP?

The Enrollment Process of AUP is currently sub-divided into three: Admissions (for New Applications), Pre-registration (for New Students and Continuing Students), and the Registration Process (for both New and Continuing students). Here is the breakdown:


Admissions Process:

  1. Visit the AUP Website and click on the Admissions link ( (for undergrad) and (for graduate))
  2. Fill in the pre-application form that asks for your basic information (name, contact information, e-mail, and preferred degree and program). The system will send an e-mail confirmation and application login details in case you do not finish the application and wish to complete it at a later time.
  3. Complete the application form and submit.
  4. Upon submission of the application form, you will be brought to the application dashboard where you can follow the necessary steps of approvals.
  5. Virtual interview with the Student Services Office (SSO). The SSO may have the prerogative to immediately approve the application without interview. Otherwise, they will contact you right away.
  6. Submission of copies of required documents to be uploaded to your dashboards. Basic documents include the Form 138 (for undegraduates) or a true copy of transcripts (for transferees and graduate applicants)
  7. Payment of Application and Placement test fees. These are dependent on your status (local or foreigner). You may pay through the channels found in:
  8. Assignment of student ID from the Records and Admissions Office (RAO).
  9. Take your Placement tests in Math, English, and Bible, and a Quick Personality Test. The Guidance Office will send you the e-mail and link to the online tests.
  10. Confirmation of your application from the RAO. Your application will be evaluated and if found complete, you will be sent the temporary acceptance letter.


Pre-Registration Process:

  1. Both new and old students go through the pre-registration process.
  2. New students will be provided with the AOLIS account username and password, and the Lifebook account username and password.
  3. Continuing students will be able to use their current AOLIS and Lifebook accounts.
  4. Login to through the AUP Website using your Lifebook account.
  5. Update your student profile.
  6. Make the necessary Downpayments/Full payments through the accredited banks and upload the deposit slip through the link provided in your Lifebook dashboard. You will need your AOLIS account to upload. Refer to for financial details. Await approvals.
  7. While waiting for payment approvals, you may begin making a temporary line-up of the courses you may want to take. New students can access their curriculum checklists or contact their department chairs for details.
  8. Once payment approvals are made, you may request for residence, either in-campus or off-campus. Please note that both types are still subject to review by the SSO.
  9. Make a request to the director of student finance for units, or apply AutoDSF. Await approvals and confirmation of unit credits.
  10. You are now ready to register your courses!


Registration Process

  1. Login to your registration process dashboard through the AUP Website.
  2. If you have not yet done your course line-up, login to pre-registration link instead.
  3. If you have completed your line-up, await approvals from your department chair.
  4. Once course line-up is approved, await assessment approvals from the finance office.
  5. Await confirmation through your dashboard of your complete registration from the RAO.

6. You are now registered!

7. When is the last day that I can enroll in AUP?

The last day of Registration is on August 19, 2020. However, before that date, we will still be able to still process applications of new students, pre-registrations, and even registration of courses. Just continue with the links provided for you and follow all procedures.