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AUP College of Education (COE) Conducts 2nd CPD Webinar

AUP College of Education (COE) Conducts 2nd CPD Webinar

“Facilitating Learning in Online Modes: Pedagogy and Methods in the New Normal Context” was the theme of COE’s 2nd CPD webinar for the second semester, on April 23, 2021. The Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) assigned another eight Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units for this.  In this webinar AUP College of Education (COE) professors served more than 180 participants from Sultan Kudarat State University (SKSU). Netizens may recall that on February 7, COE conducted its first webinar for the semester as a Community Extension Service during AUP’s 104th foundation celebration. According to Dr. Leonardo Dorado, Dean of COE, “As Center of Excellence in teacher education, COE is committed to providing CPD training to teachers not only as a requirement for the renewal of teaching licenses but also to help them cope with the demands of the 21st Century classrooms, especially in the new normal setting. He further disclosed, “The next webinar on May 4 and 5 will serve the Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC) teachers.”

SKSU Webinar Program (PDF)

Research Office Hosts 3rd International Research Forum (3IRF) Virtually

Research Office Hosts 3rd International Research Forum (3IRF) Virtually

Not even the pandemic could stop the Research Office of AUP from hosting its 3rd International Research Forum (3IRF) on April 22. The forum, conducted virtually for the first time through the Zoom platform, featured 54 individual or group research presentations that focused on the theme, “Building the Research Chasm: Transforming Development in the New Normal.” A total of 176 research enthusiasts attended the 3IRF convened in 2 plenary sessions and five breakout rooms each in the morning and afternoon presentations for Business and Governance, Arts and Humanities, Allied Health, Theology, and Education.

Guest speakers included Dr. Ruel Almocera, Director of DMin. Program, Adventist International Institute for Advanced Studies (AAIAS), Dr. Samuel Gaikwad, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, AIIAS, and Dr. Rowena R. Antemano, Adjunct Professor from Mountain View College. Dr. Jolly S. Balila, AUP’s Research Office Director, who collaborates with Dr. Vicky Mergal, Asst. VP for Graduate Studies and their respective teams expressed appreciation for all guest resource speakers, presenters, participants, and the administration, for the support. Dr. Juvy Lou T. Bathrai, faculty of the College of Arts and Humanities, served as Master of Ceremony.


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Click here to view the 3rd IRF Book of Abstracts & Proceedings in PDF format
Eighty-one (81) Students Return to Campus

Eighty-one (81) Students Return to Campus

Today April 23, 2021, a total of 81 students have fully recovered and are now back on campus from the Calamba Mega quarantine facility. The concerted effort of the medical team and the university guidance department, visiting them daily, sending food, medicines, and conducting psychosocial support, helped them recover quickly. They are now back to continue their online classes.

We commend our donors’ generosity and immediate response.  We thank the AUP alumni, brethren from different churches, various institutions, youth groups, and volunteer individuals. The cash gifts, goods, medicine, and especially prayers helped our students’ quick recovery.

The university continues to strengthen its effort to prevent the incident from happening again. However, Zero Covid infection remains a challenge. As of April 22, four new cases inside the campus were reported, this time among the employees and their families. They were immediately transferred to the Calamba Mega quarantine facility. The result of the contact tracing shows no evidence of internal community transmission. The individuals tested positive after coming from an essential activity off-campus. AUP continues to implement strict health protocols to prevent the spread of infection.

AUP Observes Upgraded Schedules and Rules on Access

AUP Observes Upgraded Schedules and Rules on Access

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak on campus, effective April 22, 2021 new schedules, rules, and regulations will be observed to upgrade the safety and health of its residents.  The areas of concern are the store and ATM access, outdoor exercise schedules and routes of various groups, and the observance of bubble areas on campus.  The administration appeals for full support, cooperation, and strict compliance.


To: Campus Residents
From: AUP Administration

Please be informed of the new schedules, rules, and regulations on campus concerning store and ATM access, outdoor exercise routs for various groups, and bubble areas effective April 22. Compliance will be strictly imposed. Thank you for your cooperation and support of our desire to keep our campus safe and the residents healthy.

Store or ATM Access (8AM-12NN/1PM-3PM)

For Students and Employees and their Families (15-64 years old)


Sundays / Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Fridays (1PM-3PM only)


Mondays / Thursdays / Fridays (9AM-12NN only)

Outdoor Exercise Schedule and Routes for Various Groups:

This limited to walking, jogging, and biking. The Student’s Park, however, is for the exclusive use of those in quarantine or the recovered student temporarily housed in Molave Hall 1st floor.  They will use this area not only for exercise but also to be exposed to the outdoors.

Schedule for all groups:

Sundays to Fridays, 5:00-7:30AM
Sundays to Thursdays, 4:00-5:30PM.  Note:  No afternoon exercise on Friday afternoons.

Permitted outdoor exercise areas and ROUTES for various groups:

  1. Route for employees and their families: The Dahilig-Tabing Ilog Road, from the tank to Daniel Hall.  Those coming from Nayong Masaya and homes near the store may use the main road up to the Roda’s Park junction to reach the Dahilig-Tabing Ilog exercise area.  Those residing behind the Academy may use the Practice Driving area.
  2. Route for Mahogany and Acacia Residents:  From the Nayong Masaya junction Outpost to Finster Parking Area only.
  3. Route for Ladies Dorms and Apartments: From Ilang-ilang, Waling, Cadena, Sampaguita, Dama, and Cattleya pathwalks toward the COD road, then right at the Amphitheater toward CST, then left to Nursing and the Centennial Park.  In the return route, from the Pillars pathwalk, continue to use pathwalk toward central parking, but turn left at the road to Dentistry/Sampaguila Hall.  Use the CSC-Sampaguita-Cadena pathwalk to return to the dorms  and apartments.
  4. Route for Apartments A to H residents:  Walk towards the Elementary school road using pathwalks without going through the main road.  From the junction of the former Housing Maintenance building, up to the Elementary school.  Turn right to a dirt road past the Korean Church, then past the flat area with the Elementary school on the right.  This dirt road would reach almost to the boundary wall.  When the first houses of Nayong Masaya could be seen on the right, it is time to go back and retrace the route back before reaching the rotunda near Apt D.
  5. Employees residing below the CAH building can use the road that goes past the Motorpool and turn around on the guard outpost in the former sugarcane farm.
Thank You Donors

Thank You Donors

This Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected our lives. However, it has also brought the best out of people. In this time of great uncertainty, we’ve been comforted, encouraged, and humbled by the outpouring of generosity and support from different people and groups.

Remarkable people, alumni groups, community groups, church brethren, institutions, and individuals have all come forward with donations of meals, snacks, vitamins, monetary gifts, and more. They came to support our students and frontline workers who have been affected by COVID-19.

To us, YOU are our heroes, and we Thank You for helping us meet the challenges of the moment, to advance Christ’s mission, to provide Academic Excellence, Christ-like Character, and Exemplary Service.

List of Donors

Medtech Faculty
Drs. Julie & Portia Cebrian
Reuben & Marietta Pagaduan
Vance & Eden Patalinghug
Natividad Estapon
Dr. Sabina Parinas
Bing Ygana
Laura Ortalla
Area 9 ACS Federation
Pastor & Mrs. Eddie Aquino
Pastor & Mrs. Moises De Ocampo
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Arit
Drs. Rico & Ruth Javien
Botabara Family
Dr. Rufina Francisco
Aileen Silverio
Lolina Mostaza
Mr. & Mrs. Leonilo Felices
Mr. & Mrs Ariel Dela Cruz
Mr. & Mrs. Levie Bicua
Lailani Malala
Maribel Balagtas
Jonalyn Castano & Family
Arvin Magbuhat
Gerry & Bing Mergal
Drs Ben & Vicky Mergal
Dr. Beryl Ben Mergal
Jasper Ben Mergal
Lucena Adventist Elementary School Teachers
South Central Luzon Conference
Oscar & Josefina Floresta
Dr. Salvador Molina & Family
Pasay Adventist Church
Janet Macapagal
Joshua Paul Sepulveda
Merbeth Pedro
Dr. Jahnen Tanamal
Quincy Quiboloy
Dr. Jeimylou De Castro & Family
Reynaldo Abas
Dr. Bjuah Silva
SCLC Retired Teachers
Dynes Von Tronchin
God’s Steward
Roy & Dr. Mercy Buhia
Mervin Roi Buhia
Jan & Myrtle Mosquera
Dr. Edwin Balila
Stanly Sawit
Dr. Michael Naidas
Yannna Macayan
Sampaloc SDA Church
Masinop SDA Church
Lorna Gabuco
Emilio Aguilar
Hazel Mae Lucrida
Hazel Mae Yutuc
Dorado Family
Collado Family
Esguerra Family
Ronia Family
Francisco Family
Gelladuga Family
Esplana Family
Fameronag Family
Lagajino Family
Amelia Suasi
Elsa Villagomez

All Covid-Positive Cases Transfer to RQF

All Covid-Positive Cases Transfer to RQF

Mega Quarantine Facility in Calamba City, Laguna (Photo:

Mega Quarantine Facility in Calamba City, Laguna (Photo:

As of Monday, April 12, “No COVID-positive patient is on campus.” The statement was released by Dr. F.D. Gayoba, AUP President, in his report to Dr. Biglete, CHEd Regional Director. The students who tested positive are all in the CALABARZON Mega-Quarantine Facility (RQF) in Calamba, Laguna.” The remaining thirty-seven students who tested positive were transferred from April 11-14. On Sunday, April 11, the last of the possible close contacts and employees who are serving the campus residents in person were tested. In all 81 tests performed, one student came out positive. He was isolated and eventually moved to the RQF for further monitoring and management. The University is using the FTTIS model to control the outbreak of Covid-19.

FTTIS, which stands for Find, Test, Trace, Isolate, and Support, continues with AUP personnel, testing the remaining occupants of Mahogany and Acacia men’s dormitories and AUP staff who serve residents in-person since the outbreak. Testing is done by the University Health Service Infection Control Team (ICT) using the Ag-RDT or antigen rapid test. To date, they have performed 437 tests. Furthermore, the University hired additional medical staff and assigned Guidance Counselors for each Covid case who also communicate with their respective parents or guardians. The infected students in both RQF and AUP also received food, water, and other donors’ provisions. Moreover, support through prayer groups is in progress.

As of April 14, the RQF discharged eight students. They are back on campus on low-level quarantine at Sampaguita Hall. In all, there were 84 positive cases, 39- symptomatic, and 45- asymptomatic.