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Hope Amidst the Pandemic

Hope Amidst the Pandemic

The university held its first medical mission since the pandemic at the Health Service Clinic yesterday, April 24, 2022. This event is a continuation of AUP’s 105th Founding Anniversary celebration. There were almost five hundred individuals who received five star-class surgical services for free. The services given were circumcision, removal of pterygium, and other minor surgeries. Also, AUP provided free medicine for those who came.

We would like to thank our doctors, nurses, and others who volunteered and helped us make this program a success. Moreover, we highly appreciate the support of our following sponsors and partners: the AUP Extension Services, AUP Health Service, PUC/AUP Alumni of Western North America (AWESNA), International College of Surgeons, Manila Central University Medical Center, V. Luna Medical Center, The Medical City, Rural Health Unit of Silang, Rural Health Unit of Lumil, Perpetual Help Medical Center, and Fadz Pharma Inc.

Indeed, AUP is committed to continue reaching out to the less privileged people who are in need of basic medical care and treatment. Most importantly, we want to share Jesus’ love and healing ministry to our community.

AUP’s 105th Founding Anniversary Celebrations News Report – Arise! Unite! Pursue

AUP’s 105th Founding Anniversary Celebrations News Report – Arise! Unite! Pursue

Watch video here.

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Arise Unite Pursue @ 105 is the theme of AUP’s 5-day celebration on its 105th Founding Anniversary.

It kick-off its celebration last Jan. 28 with a Virtual Musical Concert participated in by 12 choirs of the University.

During the Sabbath celebration the university featured its alumni in action: The prima Lux batch ( first graduates of the college of medicine program)who have been catalyst for the start of the alumni Scholarship program for the college of medicine students.

The compelling message of Dr. Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, Director of Education, General Conference, who shared her beloved recollections as a former student of PUC, has blessed and engaged the AUP community. Her address refocused the whole AUP community on its high calling from God, as well as how Adventist education equips and educates students for both the current and future worlds.

And on Sunday, the university had its virtual social activity, “FUNDEmics.” It brought back beautiful memories of our dear alumni, former workers and present workers, and students. TAGAAUP-kakung posts flooded social media, as alumni joyfully shared how AUP had impacted their lives…

On Monday, the AUP College of Medicine had its virtual celebration led by its Student Council, which was attended by Dr. Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, director of Education General Conference.

The virtual celebration of the 105th Founding Anniversary capped out the 5-day festivity. Highlights from the last quinquenium, which ran from 2015 to 2020, were highlighted. Dr. Francisco Gayoba discussed AUP’s future plans for the next five years. We eagerly await God’s direction for the university. Overall, it was a heartfelt and meaningful celebration.  This occasion inspired AUP to arise, unite, and pursue for greater heights. On Ever Onward. Shine On!

A Portion of AUP Farm Land Sold

A Portion of AUP Farm Land Sold

The University’s intention to sell a portion of its farmlands has finally come to fruition, after many years of prayer and seeking God’s guidance.

Because the Technical Committee on Medical Education of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED-TCME) has given the University only 10 years to establish a training hospital, the University decided to sell some of its farmlands to finance its construction.

Upon consultations with the General Conference and the Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD), the suggestions were that a section of the property should be sold, and the remainder should be on a long-term lease. The plan was for the farmland sale proceeds to be used fund the hospital’s initial construction as well as purchase a property for a satellite campus, with the remaining funds from the long-term lease to be utilized to complete the hospital in the following years. The AUP Board endorsed this plan, which was then approved at the December 2017 Constituency Meeting.

A special advisory committee for property development was then created by the Board including experts on land development and sales, and finance personnel from the General Conference to handle such consequential matters. As per the recommendation of the advisory committee, the University hired three appraisal firms to evaluate the true market worth of the land, thus ensuring its profitability. The University has exhausted all safeguards to ensure that the transaction complies with  denominational policy and be profitably favorable to the University.

On January 2020, the University Constituency met and approved to offer 24.2 hectares of idle farmland for sale. After negotiations with Alveo Land Corp,  the University Board voted to approve the terms of sale on September 13, 2021.  As per denominational policy, the terms offered by Alveo was also approved by the SSD Executive Committee. Also, as part of its compliance, consent was granted by the North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) Executive Committee on October 28, 2021, and likewise approved by the NPUC Corporation Board on the same date.

The proceeds of the sale will primarily be used to fund the construction of a 100-bed University Medical Center and the purchase of a satellite campus as a replacement for the sold land. The University wishes to express its gratitude to the Lord and all its constituents for their prayers and support.

Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy


AUP is hiring a MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST for the Health Service Department. The applicant must be a graduate of a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology or laboratory science and be the holder of a valid PRC license. Applicants with at least a year of clinical experience will be given preference. We will accept applications until the vacancy is filled up.
Send your application letter, resume, a copy of your TOR, PRC license, and a letter of recommendation from your church pastor or elder to Other requirements will be submitted before the start of work.

COE Conducts 3rd and 4th CPD Webinars

COE Conducts 3rd and 4th CPD Webinars

In collaboration with the Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC), AUP College of Education (COE) conducted its 3rd and 4th CPD webinars for teachers this second semester of AY 2020-2021 on May 4 and 5. The two webinars received eight (8) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units each as awarded by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). As in the past two virtual seminars, COE professors once again served as resource speakers and facilitators, but this time on the topics “Pedagogy for Flexible Learning in the New Normal Environment” on May 4 and “Assessment Models and Strategies on a Virtual Classroom” on May 5.  A total of 344 participants answered online evaluation forms that included assessment questions on each topic.  Check out the AUP-COE CPD Facebook page for upcoming CPD webinars.

AUP Academy Announces First Virtual Alumni Homecoming

AUP Academy Announces First Virtual Alumni Homecoming

Not even the pandemic can stop AUP Academy from calling on all batches (PUCA/AUPA) and its living alumni, faculty, and principals (1930s-2021) to a grand homecoming. This event will be the first in virtual mode to celebrate its 104th founding anniversary on June 25-27, 2021 via the “Zoom” platform.

To introduce the significant event online, last May 1, young alumni batches led the Sabbath worship services streamed live via Zoom, Facebook live, and Youtube. Batch presidents from 2010-2021 led the Divine Hour of Worship, with Pastor Carmelito “Ging” Galang Jr.  (President, AUPA 1974), delivering God’s message to the alumni.

Older alumni will recall that the first four grand homecomings happened face to face in 1994 and 1995 under the AUPA Alumni Association (AUPAAA) President Dr. Ephraim Dela Cruz (AUPA 1968) and Academy Principal Ceasar F. Idaosos with the faculty. The 3rd and 4th grand alumni homecomings happened in 2008 and 2011, both headed by AUPAAA President Leo Arit (AUPA 1977) and Academy Principal Elmie Lynn V. Lagajino (AUPA 1978) with the faculty.

Themes of all the homecoming celebrations were titles of songs, namely “Bring Back the Feeling,” “Those Were the Days,” “Through the Years,” and “Yesterday once More. “This year’s theme, “Malayo Man, Malapit Din,” is also a song title but for the first time in Filipino, translated in English as “Far apart, yet close at heart.”

Current AUPAAA President Emmanuel “Manny” Dizon (AUPA 1978), along with AUPA Principal Ardel V. Sarmiento, express their warm welcome to all batch presidents and their respective batch members to fill out the alumni tracking form posted online.

Although officially scheduled on June 25-27, different batches from the 1950s to the 2000s prepared a 45-50 minute potpourri of talents and activities spread out daily, online starting May 27, according to program coordinators, Maam Olive Tolentino and Sir Cyril Punay (AUPA 2010).  President Manny further disclosed, “Since it’s going to be virtual and online, perhaps there will be no more excuses not to attend any of the programs?”

Click here to fill-up the AUP ACADEMY ALUMNI TRACKING-PROFILE form.