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Bubble Group Observes Strict Health Protocols

Bubble Group Observes Strict Health Protocols

Fourth-year medicine, nursing, and medical technology students who arrived for the permitted limited face-to-face classes are managed as a “bubble” group.  Since the in-person courses have not started hence, they shifted to online innovative skills laboratory classes. Strict health protocols for bubble areas requires constancy for health and safety.  Non-residents are prohibited from going in and out of the following areas:

  1. Apartment F-3rd and 4th floors,
  2. Molave Hall-1st and 2nd floors,
  3. Dama de Noche
  4. Cattleya-1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors
Eighty-one (81) Students Return to Campus

Eighty-one (81) Students Return to Campus

Today April 23, 2021, a total of 81 students have fully recovered and are now back on campus from the Calamba Mega quarantine facility. The concerted effort of the medical team and the university guidance department, visiting them daily, sending food, medicines, and conducting psychosocial support, helped them recover quickly. They are now back to continue their online classes.

We commend our donors’ generosity and immediate response.  We thank the AUP alumni, brethren from different churches, various institutions, youth groups, and volunteer individuals. The cash gifts, goods, medicine, and especially prayers helped our students’ quick recovery.

The university continues to strengthen its effort to prevent the incident from happening again. However, Zero Covid infection remains a challenge. As of April 22, four new cases inside the campus were reported, this time among the employees and their families. They were immediately transferred to the Calamba Mega quarantine facility. The result of the contact tracing shows no evidence of internal community transmission. The individuals tested positive after coming from an essential activity off-campus. AUP continues to implement strict health protocols to prevent the spread of infection.

AUP Observes Upgraded Schedules and Rules on Access

AUP Observes Upgraded Schedules and Rules on Access

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak on campus, effective April 22, 2021 new schedules, rules, and regulations will be observed to upgrade the safety and health of its residents.  The areas of concern are the store and ATM access, outdoor exercise schedules and routes of various groups, and the observance of bubble areas on campus.  The administration appeals for full support, cooperation, and strict compliance.


To: Campus Residents
From: AUP Administration

Please be informed of the new schedules, rules, and regulations on campus concerning store and ATM access, outdoor exercise routs for various groups, and bubble areas effective April 22. Compliance will be strictly imposed. Thank you for your cooperation and support of our desire to keep our campus safe and the residents healthy.

Store or ATM Access (8AM-12NN/1PM-3PM)

For Students and Employees and their Families (15-64 years old)


Sundays / Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Fridays (1PM-3PM only)


Mondays / Thursdays / Fridays (9AM-12NN only)

Outdoor Exercise Schedule and Routes for Various Groups:

This limited to walking, jogging, and biking. The Student’s Park, however, is for the exclusive use of those in quarantine or the recovered student temporarily housed in Molave Hall 1st floor.  They will use this area not only for exercise but also to be exposed to the outdoors.

Schedule for all groups:

Sundays to Fridays, 5:00-7:30AM
Sundays to Thursdays, 4:00-5:30PM.  Note:  No afternoon exercise on Friday afternoons.

Permitted outdoor exercise areas and ROUTES for various groups:

  1. Route for employees and their families: The Dahilig-Tabing Ilog Road, from the tank to Daniel Hall.  Those coming from Nayong Masaya and homes near the store may use the main road up to the Roda’s Park junction to reach the Dahilig-Tabing Ilog exercise area.  Those residing behind the Academy may use the Practice Driving area.
  2. Route for Mahogany and Acacia Residents:  From the Nayong Masaya junction Outpost to Finster Parking Area only.
  3. Route for Ladies Dorms and Apartments: From Ilang-ilang, Waling, Cadena, Sampaguita, Dama, and Cattleya pathwalks toward the COD road, then right at the Amphitheater toward CST, then left to Nursing and the Centennial Park.  In the return route, from the Pillars pathwalk, continue to use pathwalk toward central parking, but turn left at the road to Dentistry/Sampaguila Hall.  Use the CSC-Sampaguita-Cadena pathwalk to return to the dorms  and apartments.
  4. Route for Apartments A to H residents:  Walk towards the Elementary school road using pathwalks without going through the main road.  From the junction of the former Housing Maintenance building, up to the Elementary school.  Turn right to a dirt road past the Korean Church, then past the flat area with the Elementary school on the right.  This dirt road would reach almost to the boundary wall.  When the first houses of Nayong Masaya could be seen on the right, it is time to go back and retrace the route back before reaching the rotunda near Apt D.
  5. Employees residing below the CAH building can use the road that goes past the Motorpool and turn around on the guard outpost in the former sugarcane farm.
Updates on the Covid-19 Outbreak in AUP

Updates on the Covid-19 Outbreak in AUP

April 7, 2021, 2:30pm.

On Monday night, March 29, 2021, the first two students in Mahogany Hall who appeared to show the symptoms of a possible COVID-19 were isolated.  By April 2, another three from Acacia Hall were tested with the rest with Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test and the results also came out positive. A campus lockdown was immediately implemented. During the lockdown, all campus residents stayed inside their dwellings. Water, groceries from the store, and meals from the cafeteria were delivered to the dorms.

Mass testing was started Saturday, and by Sunday, April 4, a total of 197 students, mostly from the two men’s dorms, had been tested.  Fifty-four turned out to be positive. That same night all those that tested positive were immediately transferred to Molave Hall, which served as the campus COVID-19 Quarantine facility.  All those whose tests came back negative returned to their dorms for continued isolation. As for the residents in the ladies’ dormitories and apartments, all those identified as “close contacts” have been tested, and isolated.  There had been no additional indications of COVID symptoms among female students.

Confirmatory Antigen tests were conducted on those who previously tested negative, starting Tuesday, April 6.  Of the 18 negative symptomatic patients tested, only one turned out to be positive. The remaining number, the negative asymptomatic cases, would again be tested Wednesday afternoon, April 7. After separating the positive COVID patients from those confirmed negative, the dorms would be disinfected and prepared for a possible lifting of the lockdown on Sunday, April 11.  University employees and student workers would also be tested to ensure that all personnel serving the campus residents would be COVID-free.

The students who tested positive continue to have mild symptoms.  Some of those in the University Quarantine facility showing more moderate symptoms may be transferred to a government-operated Mega-Quarantine Facility in Calamba which has been offered to us for free.  The University would like to assure parents and families that the COVID-19 outbreak is under control a week after it started.  Let us continue to pray for God’s protection and care for our students and the University as a whole.

COVID Update

COVID Update


After almost a year of having zero casualties related to COVID-19, it is with a heavy heart that AUP reports its first COVID-19 related loss. A worker in one of the service departments succumbed to the illness on February 9, Tuesday afternoon.

Despite such an unfortunate event, we would like to assure our community that the University is in control of the situation. Protocols of infection control have been well executed.  Upon onset of the symptoms, the individuals were immediately placed in quarantine and eventually moved to the COVID-Hospital. Based on contact tracing, the transmission seems to have taken place outside the campus.  Further investigation revealed only one close contact, who was immediately swabbed with an RT-PCR test. We praise God that the result was negative. He remains free of symptoms and is now quarantined for further evaluation.

We would like to encourage everyone to remain vigilant and strictly follow our health protocols. Rest assured that the administration is doing its best to ensure the safety of everyone. We ask for everyone’s cooperation for us to maintain a COVID-free campus. More so, we also invite you to pray for the bereaved family members as they grieve their loss.

Official Statement from AUP Health Service Department

As of March 18, 2020, AUP has NO documented COVID-19 positive patient.

We have identified one (1) Person Under Investigation (PUI) who exhibited mild respiratory symptoms only and who opted for home quarantine outside of AUP. We are doing our best to prevent the possible spread of the virus in campus by meticulously monitoring these individuals and observing the protocol formulated by the WHO-DOH as adapted and modified by our health service in accordance with the circumstances that we have in campus.

Person Under Monitoring (PUM)

Persons who have travel history in the past 14 days to countries/area with local transmission of COVID-19 or areas with enhanced community quarantine AND/OR Persons who had CLOSE CONTACT with a confirmed COVID-19 case (Providing direct care without proper Personal Protective Equipment, Staying in the same close environment, traveling together in close proximity) BUT do NOT manifest any symptoms such as Fever and/or Respiratory Illness (Cough and/or Colds), Shortness of breath.

Here is the List of our PUM who remain healthy and without any symptoms up to this time.

 Code  Gender  Travel History  Health Status  Action Taken
Client 1 Malaysia (3-8-20) Health, No Symptoms Home Quarantine
Client 2  30/F Bacolod/Manila 


Health, No SymptomsHome Quarantine 

Client 321/FBacolod/Manila
3-14-30Health, No SymptomsHome QuarantineClient 4 24/FBacolod/Manila 
3-13-30 Health, No SymptomsHome Quarantine Client 5 22/FBacolod/Manila 
3-14-30 Health, No SymptomsHome Quarantine Client 6 27/FBacolod/Manila 
3-14-30 Health, No Symptoms Home QuarantineClient 7 20/FSta. Rosa, Laguna 
3-13-30 Health, No SymptomsHome QuarantineClient 8 21/FQuezon City 
3-16-30 Health, No SymptomsHome Quarantine 

Person Under Investigation (PUI)

Persons who have travel history in the past 14 days to countries/area with local transmission of COVID-19 or areas with enhanced community quarantine AND/OR Persons who had CLOSE CONTACT with a confirmed COVID-19 case (Providing direct care without proper Personal Protective Equipment, Staying in the same close environment, traveling together in close proximity) AND who manifest with Fever AND/OR Cough OR shortness of breath OR other respiratory symptoms.


 Code  Gender  Travel History  Health Status  Action Taken
Client 9  20/F Pasay (3-7-20) With Mild Respiratory Symptoms Home Quarantine (Off-campus)

We encourage our AUP community to take an active part in this undertaking. Each one must protect his/her neighbor by preventing the spread of this dreaded disease. We request that if someone has been exposed to places whether local or abroad or to persons with positive COVID-19 results to please inform our clinic personnel to be able to address and give necessary intervention for possible spread. Should you have any queries/ information, please feel free to call the clinic hotline.

Let us not disseminate unverified information that would create unnecessary fear and panic among our community. Instead, let us be responsible when posting any information in the social media or whatever platform we may use.

We believe that God is our shield and protector in every adversary. He is more powerful than this virus that scare the whole world. Hold on to God’s hand and He will deliver us.