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“Beyond Academic Excellence”

“Beyond Academic Excellence”

com-contractsigning1 Thirty-nine Adventist University of the Philippines -College of Medicine (AUP-COM) scholars have participated in the academic scholarship contract signing on August 7, 2019, Multipurpose Hall.

The institution continues to support quality Christian-education through helping aspiring students finish their degrees. Some of the beneficiaries of such support are the COM scholars who have gathered for a contract signing before the university administrators. Present in the program are Dr. Francisco Gayoba, University President; Dr. Miriam P. Narbarte, VP Academics; Dr. Reuel E. Narbarte, HR Director; Dr. Robert Borromeo, VP Finance; Ptr. Salvador Molina, VP Student Services; Dr. Doris Mendoza, AUP-COM founding and current dean;  Ptr. Rex Mangiliman, Church Pastor; and  Mr. Oemer Rey T. Daquila, Director of the University Advancement Office.

With the support of the government for accessible education, academic scholarships help students acquire diploma with minimal exchange for the expenses—a return service to community and the Filipino people. “…those academic scholarship contract reflects our values. Values to study and the purpose of study and that is to serve the church and the country”, Dr. Gayoba pointed out. He emphasized that it’s not the high grades that matter, but rather the spirit of service after gaining an education, a mission that is beyond mere academic excellence.


Thirteen scholars came from the freshmen year, eleven from the sophomore year, six from the junior year, and ten from the senior year. Thirty-one of which are members of the Seventh-Day Adventist denomination and nine are non-Adventists. This only proves that the university also advocates  education for all.

Advance, Uplift, Progress, AUP @102!

Advance, Uplift, Progress, AUP @102!

Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) celebrates its 102nd Foundation Anniversary with a week filled with activities, ministries, and programs. The celebration transpired from January 26 to February 3, 2019, with the theme “Advance, Uplift, Progress! AUP @ 102”.

With the aim to educate people in the community about the importance of healthy living, practicing a healthy lifestyle, with the emphasis on mental health, the week-long celebration initiated with the screening for the Health Expo held on January 26, 2019 at Vista Mall, Sta. Rosa, headed by the AUP Advancement Office in partnership with the AUP-College of Health faculty.  The Adventist Community Services of Sta. Rosa Industrial district of Seventh-day Adventists headed by Pastor Joel Macaraig also assisted in the planning of the Health Expo which was completed on February 2, 2019.

Spearheaded by the AUP Central Student Council alongside the Student Services Office, the college intramurals commenced through a ceremony on the evening of January 26. Participated with each college, the student body warmly opened their annual college intramural games with vigor, excitement, and sportsmanship.

As part of the University’s advocacy to develop the mental, social, physical, and spiritual aspects of the students and workers, a fun run was held very early the next day, January 27, 2019. Kids as young as five years old, faculty, staff, students, and even alumni of AUP, participated in this fundraising program for the completion of the College of Medicine. Indeed, God proves to move the hearts of His children to be united in one big project for the furtherance of His evangelical work.

As the University continued the week-long celebration, the AUP students and faculty organized community services in the neighboring communities namely Bukal Elementary School and Buklod Child Development Center. Programs such as “­Alis-Kuto Program” of the College of Nursing, dental services by the College of Dentistry, writing seminar by the College of Education, and free medical check-up by the College of Medicine were some of the community services rendered by the AUP family to the neighboring communities.

Truly, the AUP family, friends, and alumni have seen God’s works and blessings through the institution.  With this in mind, AUP held its thanksgiving program on February 1, 2019 with one of our pioneer graduates and the incumbent principal of Baesa Adventist Academy, Pastor Glen Lagabon, as guest speaker. Selected faculty and staff were also recognized during the thanksgiving program for their loyalty and dedication to God’s work.

The University family continued its thanksgiving and celebration with the Sabbath worship filled with praises and songs. Alumni from different parts of the world shared how AUP has helped them and how God has blessed them throughout the years. The afternoon musical worship was filled with heavenly songs rendered by the various choirs and musical groups within the University.

With the emphasis on family, the Philippine International Church (PIC) Family Ministries with the AUP Advancement Office held its Family Night February 2, 2019. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and administrators fellowship together to share stories, memories, and a sumptuous meal of barbecued bananas, corn, different Filipino desserts, and Arrozcaldo.  Despite the cold breeze of the night, the warmth was felt as everyone shared smiles and laughter.

The weeklong celebration was culminated with a sports-fellowship participated by several alumni and students of the university, showing the true spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, fun, and family.

Since the day that God sanctified the inauguration of this institution, people have seen His working through the ministries, services, programs, and alumni. God has truly blessed many lives through the Adventist University of the Philippines―a genuine evidence that through God we ADVANCE, to God we UPLIFT, and with God we PROGESS!

(Edited by: Arjem Noryn Caringal)