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Pioneers Celebrate their 40th Year

Pioneers Celebrate their 40th Year

by Mrs. Arlene Tordecilla-Ferrolino

Successful doctors, pastors, teachers, businessmen and other professionals from all corners of the globe gathered at AUP on Thursday, February 28 through Sunday, March 3, 2019. Greeted by banners heralding their grand reunion, it was a special time set aside to remember, to reconnect and to revisit a time in their past, to experience again their years on this campus where they came together 40 years before to begin their college years.

Members of the first freshman class of then Philippine Union College descended on the campus for a weekend of reunion activities which included a Thursday evening banquet, a health and wellness seminar on Friday and full Sabbath services from Vespers through Sabbath School and the Hour of Worship, The group of nearly 60 alumni from the Pioneers Class participated in a special luncheon followed by a baptism of 4 precious souls which was the result of an evangelistic crusade also sponsored by the Pioneers. They spent the afternoon touring the campus which afforded them special photo opportunities as they were able to see the results of 40 years of progress. A solemn sundown service was then capped with a dinner and social time for this group of enthusiastic classmates now in their late 50’s and early 60’s.


Flashback to 40 years ago when this same set of young high school graduates arrived at the new, nearly desolate campus of PUC Silang, then a distant and provincial location. A bumpy jeepney ride on the narrow, dusty pothole-ridden main road to Santa Rosa or up the hill to Tagaytay were the only links to the civilization of a city. Only a few buildings existed in strategic points of the campus of this budding college—just a couple of classrooms, dormitories, the cafeteria and the graduate school, the motorpool and a few faculty homes. Sugarcane fields and pineapple plantations marked the rolling landscape with a few lush mango and coconut trees when a total of 110 students from educational institutions near and far came to the school to seek higher education.

They were bright-eyed and eager to begin their classes as new college students and little did they know that their existence would carry such great significance in the amazing history of this school. It was this group of young men and women who were the first occupants of the new Modulars and the newly erected and freshly painted Sampaguita Hall, the first to dine in the new cafeteria. Their feet were the first to traverse the sidewalks and, yes, even the unpaved trails that connected the motor pool to the cafeteria, the dorms to the gym and PIC which were both still under construction at the time.

What are now stately and mature ipil-ipil and acacia trees were mere saplings planted by the caring hands of the Pioneers who participated in two hours of work education every day before they began their classes. The work-study program yielded countless hours of valuable manpower which helped shape and construct the sprawling campus into what it is today. Where there are now concrete and asphalt roads were once dusty paths on sunny days or muddy dirt roads on rainy days for these Pioneers to plod. There were not many vehicles on campus 40 years ago. The modes of transportation back then were just a few cars and mopeds whose engines would break the stillness of the then quiet and tranquil rural atmosphere.

Undoubtedly, this unique, adventurous, trailblazing and historically special pioneering class was divinely placed at this specific time in PUC/AUP’s timeline. As young college freshman then and now, 40 years later, as leaders and solid workers in their chosen fields of ministry, medicine, education, business, nursing and allied health among others, it is clearly evident that the years they spent as Pioneers has contributed greatly to the solid foundation of character building, the tenacity to become high-achievers and the desire to be of greater service. On ever onward, the Pioneers have gloriously gone, as they have truly and most certainly exemplified the school’s motto.

Gratefully blessed, proudly inspired by their history and enthusiastically eager to continue their legacy, the Pioneers Class was responsible for the construction of Pioneers Hall and will soon announce their next project for the continuing advancement of their alma mater.

AUP bagged two awards at the Dugong Bayani Awarding Ceremony 2019

AUP bagged two awards at the Dugong Bayani Awarding Ceremony 2019

The Philippine Blood Center (PBC) of the Department of Health (DOH) awarded the Lapu–Lapu and Antonio Luna Awards to the Adventist University of the Philippines at the Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City last January 25, 2019. The awards were received by Mrs. Merbeth L. Pedro, the coordinator of the blood drive, and Dr. Orlex Yllano. These awards were given by the PBC, DOH to AUP in recognition of the institution’s unwavering commitment to the cause of voluntary blood donation.

The partnerships of various organizations and institutions with PBC, DOH enabled them to provide safe, adequate and accessible blood for countless patients all over the country.

Through the annual voluntary blood donation program of the Biology Department, College of Science and Technology, the National Service Training Service, Philippine International Church, and Community Extension Service of AUP in collaboration with PBC, DOH, students, faculty, staff, and volunteers exemplify one of the core values of AUP that is to exemplify the character of Christ through unselfish service toward humanity.

The coordinators of this annual program — Ma’am Merbeth Pedro and Mr. Jeff Pedro would like to thank our numerous altruistic volunteers for sharing their blood to our fellowmen who are in dire need of lifesaving blood. The next blood drive activity on campus is scheduled on March 17, 2019 in celebration of the Global Youth Day.



The Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP), through the Physical Facilities Development Committee, is now inviting for pre-qualification of contractors for the construction of the College of Arts and Humanities building. This is a 3 story building with basement, of approximately a total floor area of 2,700 sqm. This building was designed as a conventional structure, with a medium range of architectural finishes which can be estimated in a cost of 21,000 – 25,000 pesos per sqm.

Please contact Engr. Jessrel Lagariza at mobile no. 09493234137 or for further details on the qualification of contractors that may participate in the bid.

Deadline is November 30, 2018.

Philippine delegates attend SMARTER Brunei workshops

Philippine delegates attend SMARTER Brunei workshops

Ishan Ibrahim | Borneo Bulletin Weekend Oct. 27,2018 Vol 23 No. 102

Some 37 delegates from the Philippines participated in training workshops from October 21-28 held at the Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Training, Education, and Resources (SMARTER) Brunei EDGE Centre in Kampong Mata-Mata.

The delegates were from three different institutions and organisations in the Philippines, namely the Special Partners Assisting Remarkable Children (SPARC) Development and Support Centre, Special Education and Kinder of the Department of Education Manila and Adventist University of the Philippines.  Four of our students, Lychel Gabuco, Rosday Lazaro, Lemogang Ntswaneng, and Stel Getty Degaños along with Ma’am Michelle Collado, the Faculty SPED Adviser represented our University.

The workshop sessions provided them with experience and invaluable training in concepts in autism related issues.

Staff and management of SMARTER Brunei led by President Malai Haji Abdullah bin Malai Haji Othman provided the training.