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Tracing the Divine Footprints

Tracing the Divine Footprints

Adventist University of the Philippines-College of Medicine held its 5th white coat ceremony on August 11, 2019, with the theme “Tracing the Divine Footprints” at COM Atrium.

The AUP-COM family welcomes 64 freshmen students during the white coat ceremony. Dr. Francisco Gayoba emphasized in his welcome remarks the importance of whole-person care and holistic Christian-education that AUP-COM offers, a unique approach of the university in the academic realm.  VP Academics, Dr. Miriam P. Narbarte has also shared the humble beginnings of the COM to the guests, parents and students, which served as a sturdy proof of God’s working through the institution.

Dr. Zeno L. Charles-Marcel the Health Ministries Associate Director of the Seventh-day Adventist World Headquarters gave a very inspiring message. He emphasized that though the white coat symbolizes a noble profession, of purity, honesty and truth, these physician-missionaries must always be ready to trade this with the white robe that only Jesus Christ, the 5-star class physician can offer and give.

Currently, the AUP-College of Medicine trains a total of 197 medical students, 64 coming from the freshmen level, 46 from sophomore level (Delta 2022), 50 composed the junior level (Solasta 2021), and 37 for the senior level (Hirang 2020). These students are supported, guided and trained by 195 faculties.  A total of 131 (66.50%) of the total student population are Seventh-Day Adventist, and 100 (50.76%) of the total college population are alumni of AUP.

More Than Just Workers

More Than Just Workers

August 10, 2019, the AUP faculty and staff gathered at the university gymnasium for an acquaintance night; a start-up filled with fun, laughter and companionship for the new academic year.

uao00485To strengthen the camaraderie and unity amidst the university, AUP held its acquaintance night to welcome new employees as well as empower the bond among its team members. The social committee headed by the Human Resource Office prepared a short yet meaningful program which started with a devotional.

AUP workers joined in with singing scripture songs such as James 2:9, Psalm 17:7 and the well-known children song Mahal ni Jesus kaming mga bata Which ended with Psalm 96:3: “Tell every nation on earth, the Lord is wonderful and does marvellous things!”

AUP hired 57 new employees as an additional man-power to the workforce to aid the increasing number of students and the demand for labour in the university. AUP is happy to welcome the new members of its large family.

Pre-service Teachers, Equipped for Service

Pre-service Teachers, Equipped for Service

by Meriam L. Torres, MA SpEd Student

Thirty-four animated pre-service teachers attended the two-day seminar, Soar to Serve: Equipping Professional Christian Educators, held on July 15 – 16, 2019 at the Hian Tsin & Sui Lan Building, College of Education, AUP.

coe_082019_01Professional Christian resource speakers shared their expertise. Ardelma V. Sarmiento, principal of AUP Academy discussed the “Innovative Educator”, illustrating guidelines of being an effective educator in the 21st century class, which is also parallel to Jesus’ strategies in teaching.  Dr. Rico Javien, College of Theology professor shared important principles of ethics that will help the new breed of educators to be successful and accomplished workers in the denomination and in the government sectors. Prof. Nerissa S. Batulayan, Program Chair of the COE elementary education department revisited pertinent issues in education while some faculty members joined The Mentor Talk which was a delight to the pre-interns since they discovered multiple helpful ways to cope with mentors and how mentors professionally deal with their mentees. The MAED students also shared insights and important principles about Successful Internship Guide discussing the working policies in a workplace, employee guidelines, and training opportunities to help them start their internship service as educators.

The seminar was made possible through the initiative of Meriam L. Torres, Judy Dela Rosa, and Souph Phy, students of the course Educational Fieldwork under the tutelage of Dr. Jeremiah Fameronag, who is also the chair of the secondary education department.

Making AUP Life A Breeze: AUP Chinese Community, Oriented

Making AUP Life A Breeze: AUP Chinese Community, Oriented

by Echo Wu, MAEd A&S Student | August 9, 2019

I felt more prepared to be an AUPian!” Riza* one of the attendees of the orientation seminar for AUP Chinese students, quipped. “The seminar helped me understand what I should do and how I should react”, she added.

coe_082019_02The orientation seminar themed: Making AUP Life A Breeze was held on July 15, 2019 at COE Rooms 1 and 2. This initiative was spearheaded by the Chinese-speaking graduate education students: Wang Huiyu, Wu Hui Lien, and Zhou Yina, under the course Educational Fieldwork with Dr. Jeremiah Fameronag, who also chairs the COE secondary education department.

During the seminar, the Chinese community learned the different processes and procedures to be observed while studying in the university. Other topics like the session Filipino Culture 101 opened their eyes on various Filipino ways which hoped to prevent misunderstanding and cultural conflicts.

Dr. Salvador Molina, the newly appointed Vice President for Student Services was also present in the said event, encouraging all Chinese students to keep their eyes on the goal – serve the Master Teacher.

“It was really a great opportunity to serve the Chinese community!”  Wang Huiyu, one of the organizers, commented. “Hoping that we can do more programs like this!”


Prima Lux 2019!

Prima Lux 2019!

The first fruits, the first light, Prima Lux 2019! The Adventist University of the Philippines College of Medicine (AUP-COM) celebrates the historical success of the pioneering batch during the first graduation exercises on June 21-23, 2019.

After years of planning, trying, and persevering, the dream of building and founding an Adventist Medical School in the Philippines turned into a reality. Looking back into the hurdles faced by AUP in the first few years of the medical school, the need for a building, the set of administrators, the dean that would lead the program, the operating funds, all these challenges kept on bombarding the institution, but God had sent people through Dr. Peter Landless (director of General Conference Health Ministries), Dr. Liza Bearsdsley-Hardy (Associate Director of Education @ General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists), and the alumni all over the world to encourage the administrators to pursue the journey.

The First Lights

The Sweet 16 as the first batch would call themselves first stepped inside the College of Medicine (COM) in the year 2015. As the youngest college and program of the university, there had been many challenges, but the administrators and the university were determined to pursue the program. One of the key elements that the institution prepared for is its unique curriculum. Dean Doris Mendoza, MD (founding and current AUP-COM dean), her team, and the AUP administrators did a careful study and formation of the unique curriculum that they would be using which envisions the future fruits of the AUP-COM. The integration of faith and values in learning has been an integral part of the curriculum, which aims to produce five-star-plus physician missionaries that heal patients physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. The college aims to produce medical students that are trained to be clinicians: Doctors that emulate the gentle and healing aura of the Master Physician; researchers: Doctors who utilize evidence-based medicine to ensure that quality healthcare is delivered; managers: Doctors who are leaders in their field, leading God’s people, and using health as their ministry; educators: Doctors who educate their patients as well as future colleagues by imparting knowledge that they have acquired; and social mobilizers: Doctors with the passion for Public Health and social issues geared towards Universal Health Care.

Amazing Grace

Obstacles, more than the physical building, key persons, and operating funds, challenged the hearts and determination of the pioneer batch. Challenges such as experienced by Jan Serge Aclan “BAGUHAN. WALANG NAPATUNAYAN. GUINEA PIG. Words that I heard when I enrolled at the AUP College of Medicine. A lot of people asked me why would I enroll in a new school whereas I already came from a well-known university.” But they cling on to the mission, with humility, with a heart for service, through faith in the Lord. Personal challenges were also faced by these aspiring doctors. Many have to face the financial challenge but chose not to worry, as how one of them pointed it out “I know God has plan for me and He is the reason why I am studying at AUP COM.”

A Cup of their T.E.A.

Apparently, one of the most valuable accomplishments the AUP-COM pioneer batch was to bring souls to Christ. A number of the total population of the College are non-Adventist, and as Dean Mendoza have always pointed out, “every heart is a mission field“, the COM family have dedicated their time, effort, and affection in reaching within their circle. One notable change of heart and life was found in one of their converted professors, Dr. Elmer C. Valenzona, for after years of living a life without a direction, has found a new path through the bible studies given to him by one of his students. However, more than the missionary work that they do within, it’s the missionary work outside their circles that tested their principles, values, and faith. This was tested when these aspiring doctors where sent out to Batangas Medical Center, the biggest Hospital in the Southern Tagalog for their clerkship program. Faced with a different culture and environment, these  clinical clerks have embodied the life lessons and Christian values taught to them, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. This has created an impact on how other hospital personnel interacted with their patients. Prayer has now become a practice for every medical procedure that they would be doing. The pioneer batch have also dedicated a part of their time in visiting places where medical assistance is a challenge, rendering free medical check-ups and minor surgeries to the community people. They have also shared blessings through giving school bags and materials.  Amidst the field missions they have, it was through their lives that they are able to reach and preach the gospel, sharing a cup of their Time, Effort and Affection. As they were interacting with their colleagues and patients, it was their Christ-centered life that has greatly shown the difference of Adventist Education. With this, the AUP-COM was recognized by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC) as one of the ten best student organizations.

Jan Serge J. Aclan, their class president, stated, “Studying in AUP Medicine is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.” The AUP- College of Medicine may be new to the industry of medical schools, but these Physician Missionaries have found a home in this learning facility. A home where they have been trained and molded not just as medical doctors, but also as vessels of God’s light that brings physical, social, emotional, and spiritual healing to people they can reach.