The following are the published journals of AUP.

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ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE :Vol 17 No 2 – Research Journal (Special Edition) – Nov 2014

  1. Influence of Christian Education on Moral Leadership Development

    Jolly Balila, Miriam Narbarte, Reuel Narbarte, Robert Borromeo, Lualhati Sausa, Ruben Carpizo

  2. Jesus and Rabbinic Schools: Implications for Adventist Education

    Ikechukwu Michael Oluikpe

  3. Effects of Hip-Hop and Classical Music on Heart Rate of Nursing Students 

    John Clarke, Stella Gymafi, Hannah Jornacion, Donna Mae Ortega, Sharmaine Palarao, Angel Grace Bingcang, Susy Jael

  4. Caregivers’ Lived Experiences and Coping Strategies in Caring for Family Members With End Stage Renal Disease

    Nguilla Dipita Jean Obède, Jacqueline Polancos, Jolly Balila, Dina Galang, Susy Jael

  5. Voice of Youth Toolbox: Towards a Ministry Guide

    Petronio Genebago, Myrtle Orbon

  6. Relevance of Undergraduate Theological Education to the Ministerial Practice of the North Philippine Union Conference Pastors 

    Julio Amurao(Adventist University of the Philippines) Bienvenido Mergal (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies)

  7. Characterization of Apis ceranaUltraviolet Sensitive Opsin Gene (UVop) 

    Normasari Rut

  8. Corporate and Business Strategies, Strategic Controls, and Business Performance: Basis for a Model 

    Wenceslao Paguia, Jr., Ruben Carpizo, Reuel Narbarte, Lualhati Sausa, Shirley Lascuña, Janet Sabado

  9. Then and Now: A Case on Classroom Assessment Practice

    Teofilo Esguerra Jr.

  10. A Closer Look on Philippine Social Stratification, Politics and View on Education in Rogelio R. Sicat’s Dugo sa Bukang-Liwayway

    Michael Naidas

  11. “The Neglected R”: Teachers’ Perceptions on Writing in the Content Areas

    Kathleen Bienes-Flores

  12. Perceived Leadership Styles of Adventist Hospital Administrators in the Philippines

    Marta Macalalad

  13. Test Validation of the Multidimensional Negative Emotions Self-Regulatory Efficacy Scale Among Filipino Samples 

    Mark Nicolas Macabulos

  14. Evaluation of the Public Health Graduate Programs of the Adventist University of the Philippines

    Jolly Balila, Seun Joo Lee, Aloisa Mbiriri, Ivonne Panjaitan, Miriam Estrada

  15. Dental Service Cost Using Economic and Accounting Principles: Basis for the Creation of a Matrix Model for Dental Service Fee

    Pauline Cochongco, Cornelio Aba, Arvin Laguna, Marissa Virgines, Evely Lintao

  16. Factors of Retention and Attrition in the Master of Public Health (MPH) Program of the College of Health 

    Jolly Balila, Ruchel Oasan, Hanna Gayle Galvo, Tagli Moahna, Hannah Marquez, Miriam Estrada

  17. Media Habits and Exposure to Modern Music: Their Relation to Suicide Potential of High School Students

    Nemencia Gajudo, Arman Fabella, Flor Villa Marticio

  18. Leadership Styles and Family Functioning as Determinants of Work Engagement Among Hospital Nurses in Indonesia 

    Ailine Yoan Sanger, Dina Galang, Reuel Narbarte, Jezamine De Leon, Lorcelie Taclan

  19. Reasons for Enrolling and Staying in a Religious-Based University 

    Yuanyuan Huo(Asia-Pacific International University, Muak Lek, Thailand) Ronny Kountur(Binus University International, Jakarta, Indonesia)

  20. Philosophical Teaching Practices of College Teachers

    Caezar Idaosos

  21. Gender Role in the Gathering and Marketing of Seaweeds in Ilocos Norte, Northern Philippines

    Zenaida Agngarayngay, Susan Aquino

ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE : Vol. 18 No. 2 – Research Journal – December 2015


    Janet Sabado, Reuel Narbarte, Robert Borromeo, and Ruben Carpizo

  2. Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Performance of Selected Tertiary Institutions in the Philippines

    Carpizo, Ruben T. and Narbarte, Reuel E.

  3. Journey to Quality and Academic Excellence: The Organizational Life History of Adventist University of the Philippines 

    Miriam P. Narbarte and Jolly S. Balila

  4. Biblical Origin of Communication in the Context of Synergistic Communication Theory: Basis for Creating the 21st Century Communication Model 

    Dr. Romeo M. Barrios

  5. Organic Gardening Program at AUP’s Partner Community: Impact Study 

    Rolyn Cadalig, Eunice Carpizo, and Eunice Aclan

  6. Knowledge, Health Practices, and Diabetes Mellitus II Tendency 

    Eunice Carpizo, Dina Galang

  7. Filipino Adolescents’ Coping Strategies: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis 

    Jezamine De Leon and Edwin Balila

  8. Perceived Effects of Service Learning Program on the Academic Development of Pre-Service Teachers 

    Jeremiah Fameronag & Josephine Fameronag

  9. Service Learning of Nutrition and Dietetics Students in the Community: A Phenomenological Study

    Merlina. Idaosos, Eunice Aclan, Ruchelle Oasan

  10. Students’ Career Choices: A Guide For Senior High School Preparation

    Elmie Lynn Lagajino, Mercedes Ibanez, Joan Mel Guirguiz, Agapito Tuting, & Jolly Balila


    Belle Manlapig

  12. Socio-Cognitive Development, Peer Pressure and Ego Strength of Children in Conflict with the Law 

    Buyisile Mbulawa and Flor Villa Marticio

  13. Harmony of the Principles of Design With God’s Perfect Creation

    Reuben Abaya Pagaduan

  14. Effects of Laughter on Quality and Hours of Sleep and Blood Pressure among Elderly in Indonesia 

    Richard Kasenda and Susy A Jael

  15. Experiences of College Students on Bullying 

    Maria Julita SJ. SibayaN,Vimdane Meriales Renaleen Tomagan,Ron Maru Serquina Gloria Ayako & Camille Amparo

  16. Development of a Healthy, Nutritious, and Delicious Tiesa (Pouteria campechiana) Polvoron 

    Doreena Jean M. Padilla, Olivia I. Saddul, Gladys Mae R. Laborde Maribel C. Balagtas & Lorcelie B. Taclan


    Alain Justin Berbano, Richardson Delas Alas, David Hendrik Putra Palar, Ma. Estrella H. Sales, RMT

  18. The Great Controversy Between Michael and the Devil in Jude 9: A Theological Analysis 

    Rico Taga Javien

  19. Bioaccumulation and Bioconcentration of Pb in the Tissues of Eight Weed Species 

    Litton Halder, Leilanie Arce, Orlex Yllano

  20. Leader-Member Exchange and Its Relationship to Workplace Conflict as Mediated by Organizational Citizenship Behavior 

    Arlette Ufitinema and Lualhati Parulan Sausa

ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE :Vol 19 No 2 – Research Journal – July 2016

  1. Personal Attributes and Teaching Performance as Mediated by Core Competencies of Nurse Educators: Basis for Human Resource Training and Retention Program 

    Rima Nepangue-Seaman, Gracel Ann Saban, Jolly Balila, Jane Rodriguez, Romeo Barrios

  2. Impact of Financial Literacy on Level of Stress and Academic Achievement Among College Students 

    Moira Razafimahasolo, Robert Borromeo, Lualhati Sausa, Ruben Carpizo, Janet Sabado

  3. Stress, Coping Strategies, and Academic Performance of Dentistry Students 

    Doreen Leigh Bello, Mylene Gumarao

  4. Moderated Mediation Effects of Self-Efficacy on Metacognition and Mathematics Achievement of College Students 

    Arnel Arcenal, Jolly Balila, Vicky Mergal, Gracel Ann Saban, Jezamine De Leon, Flor Villa Marticio

  5. Comparison of WBC Count and Differential Count of Working Students by Their Type of Work

    Melissa Marie Esperat, Alexa Jestine Golosino, Prishel Jeane Reovoca, Ma. Estrella Sales

  6. A Corpus Linguistic Analysis of Selected Pairs of Synonymous Nouns 

    Nancy Oblimar

  7. Environmental, Social, and Economic Factors as Correlates of Maternal Adherence to Asthma Therapeutic Regimen of Their Children

    Jenni Claire Mendoza, Dina Galang, Jolly Balila, Angel Grace Bingcang, Jacqueline Polancos

  8. Theorems on nth Dimensional Laplace Transform

    Michael Sta. Brigida, Edwin Balila, Edna Mercado

  9. Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) Therapy and Lime Therapy With Exercise: Their Effects on Blood Cholesterol level 

    Yunus Elon. Jacqueline Polancos. Angel Grace Bingcang, Susy Jael, Lorcelie Taclan

  10. Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens on Second-Hand Clothing Rovie Ross Briones, Eden Dangngay, Helen Anagel Desingano,

    Mary Cyrin Victoria Defino, Ma. Kristine Mendoza