AUP/PIC Pathfinder Club celebrates Pathfinder Day


AUP/PIC Pathfinder Club Celebrates Pathfinder Day

The Pathfinder Club of AUP/PIC celebrated thePathfinder Day on September 16, 2016 with the theme “Pass It On”.

The program started with the testimonies of selected Master Guides. After which, it was followed by a lesson review of MGs and a promotion of the Adventurer Club led by MG Miriam Torres.

Pastor David Odhiambo, a PhD student of AIIAS and the Student Association president, spoke during the second service. He delivered a messaged focusing on 2 Timothy 1:6 which he entitled “Reactivate the Gift.” He capsulized his message with a quote, “Live Full, Die Empty.” He emphasized that Pathfinders need to live full in a saving faith in God and in using their gifts in serving His people and the community.

During lunch the speaker, Pastor Odhiambo with his wife, joined the boodle fight prepared by MGs and Pathfinders.

After a hearty and memorable lunch, Trailblazers, a MG organization of AUP, was reorganized. MG Juzhainne Reize Paso was elected president of Trailblazers.

In the afternoon, the Adventist Youth program was done outdoors, ending with testimonies during sundown worship.