Sponsor a part of AUP’s history!

Here are the significant milestones in AUP’s history (Dec 21 version) that will be engraved on commemorative stones as part of The Walk of Service in the Centennial Park. Each entry is open for sponsorship to those who may be personally connected to a name or event mentioned. The name of the sponsor(s) will also be etched in the commemorative stone. In addition, a short paragraph describing the connection of sponsor to the event or development will be included in the Centennial Park book that will be released later in 2017. To sponsor a stone, click here: https://llu.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9zUdE0lHSruiWzP
We solicit suggestions for additional entries. The event or development must be significant in relation to the mission of the University—academic excellence, development of Christian character and the Adventist lifestyle, and service. An entry should not be more than 550 characters and spaces. Kindly submit these suggestions to advancementaup@gmail.com.
The file with the text for the Walk of Service may be downloaded here:


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