AUP Retirees Nominated for the Walk of Service

Congratulations to the AUP retirees who have been nominated for the Centennial Park Walk of Service! These workers (list below) have completed at least 15 years of service in a denominational or non-profit charity/service/government organization and have exemplified the values and ideals of the University.

Honorees have the privilege of receiving their very own commemorative stone on the Centennial Park Walk of Service. Each stone is four inches long and eight inches wide and will feature a permanent engraving of their name on its front face. In addition, information about the honoree will also be included in a souvenir book, to be later made available electronically in a kiosk at the Centennial Park.

To proceed with the creation of the stones, AUP is reaching out to individuals, family members, friends or former students of these retirees who would like to sponsor their stones. The nominated individuals may also sponsor themselves. Sponsorship for each honoree is Php 5,000.00 for Philipine-based sponsors, or USD 300.00 for overseas sponsors. If sponsored by another person, the name of the sponsor will be stated at the end of the short biography of the honoree. To begin the sponsorship process, you may fill out the form here or email us at

The following are the honorees: (Please note that this is a preliminary list. If we have missed a name, kindly contact us at

Abello, Judith M. BSE
Abriol, Nardel G.
Acosta, Jared
Adap, Philadelphia M, BSS
Agnazata, Bayani N, MA Elem Ed
Agnazata, Concordia S, MA Elem Ed
Alamay, Danilo C., RME
Alarcon, Delmar
Alcaide, Bibencio E, BS Bio
Alsaybar, Bangele
Andaya, Tereza Elma S, BSN
Angelino, Corazon C, MAEd Elem Educ
Ausan, Nymia K, BSC
Balbuena, Melchor
Balbuena, Teresita
Bañas, Levy B.
Bantolo, Susan M, BSE, AB
Banyaga, Corazon
Barrientos, Aproniano A, Voc
Bartolome, Gloria E, MA Bio
Batulayan, Eileen DS MBA
Berto, Delia L, BSE Pilipino
Berto, Samuel W, MA Social Science
Brillantes, Feliciana D, MA
Carrillo, Nestor C. Sr., MA Bio
Carrillo, Ruth S, PhD Eng
Cayetano, Benido S, BSC
Cebrian, Laureano L, BS Agri
Celestre, Jimmy A, DMin
Ciron, Epifanio
De Leon, Esmeraldo
De Luna, Eusebio L
De Luna, Merlita G, BSEED
De Ocampo, Moises V. DMin
Durante, Loida
Durante, Gideon A, PhD
Ellacer, Gerundio U, PhD
Ellacer, Mary M, PhD
Fabella, Armand T, PhD
Fabella, Ruth R, MS LS
Fadri, Luz M, MALS
Fadri, Necotades
Faminiano, Noe V
Fernandez , Gil
Galang, William P., MBA
Gallego, Gerry
Gensoli, Leonore
Gensolin, Amador
Gines, Romeo
Giron, Romeo S. BSC
Gumarao, Bernardo C
Guyo, Johnny G, MA Biology
Hallasgo, Dominina B, MA
Lanit, Medardo S.
Manalaysay, Ester G
Marticio, Nepthali L, MBA
Mendoza, Mario D, MA Physical Ed
Mindoro, Meliton
Monebit, Emeflor C, MA
Olarte, Flor N, MA
Olarte, Jose D. BS Agri
Ombao, Nerita
Ombao, William
Padilla, Ofelia R, MA
Palmero, Ruth C, BSEEd
Pamintuan, Shirley G, MD
Pedernal, Erwin Michael R, BSC
Pedernal, Rosalina D, MA
Penaranda, Minerva
Perdon, Arden B, MA REd
Plandes, Moises
Pulido, Nora T, MA
Rasa, Engracia A
Reyes, Herman
Reyes, Manuelito S, D Div
Role, Elisabeth
Roman, Maria F, MA
Rosario, Levi F, BSC Management
Rosario, Wilma J, BSC
Salamante, Ricardo G, DrPH
Salazar, Zenaida G. MA
Sales, Adonias M, BSC
Santiago, Catalina B, MA
Santiago, Priscillo
Santos, Manolito F.
Suasi, Amelia G. MA
Tanamal, Consejo A., MA
Tanamal, Jethro G., Asso. General Mechanic
Toledanes, Manuel T, BSE
Toledanes, Trinidad M. MA
Tumangday, Maria
Tumangday, Maria G., PhD
Tumangday, Miriam S., EdD
Tumangday, Nicasio

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