List of AUP Workers Nominated for the Walk of Service

The Adventist University of the Philippines would like to congratulate the AUP workers who have been nominated for the Centennial Park Walk of Service! These workers have completed at least 15 years of service in a denominational or non-profit charity/service/government organization and have exemplified the values and ideals of the University.

The University shall assist these nominees in finding a sponsor for the commemorative stones on which their names will be engraved. The commemorative stones will line the walkway of the AUP Centennial Park, while information about the honoree will be included in a souvenir book, to be later made available electronically in a kiosk at the Centennial Park.

Sponsorship for each honoree is Php 5,000.00 for Philipine-based sponsors, or USD 300.00 for overseas sponsors. If sponsored by another person, the name of the sponsor will be stated at the end of the short biography of the honoree.

The following are the nominees:


  • Acquioben, Moses R.
  • Adap, Minerva C.
  • Alamay, Danilo C.
  • Barnedo, Jaime
  • Bicua, Marjorie B.
  • Borromeo, Elvie
  • Borromeo, Robert A.
  • Buhia, Mercy N.
  • Burce, Andres, L.
  • Carpizo, Sanny T.
  • Cordial, Rogelio C.
  • Custodio, Joyce F.
  • Custodio, Nephtali E.
  • Dela Cruz, Ariel S.
  • Digo, Salvador M.
  • Durias, Neda L.
  • Fabito, Lemuel
  • Fajardo, Arleen V.
  • Faminiano, Billy V.
  • Faminiano, Rosalia P.
  • Felices, Leonilo G.
  • Fonte, Edgard F.
  • Franche, Danilo B.
  • Galang, William P.
  • Garduque, Eleazer A.
  • Gerida, Mishael R.
  • Golosino, Jessie D.
  • Golosino, Julianita L.
  • Gonzales, Jonathan M.
  • Gumarao, Ejidio M.
  • Gumarao, Nemuel G.
  • Japon, Federico P.
  • Juayno, Jessie M.
  • Laberinto, Tessie P.
  • Maalihan, Melquesidec
  • Mergal, Rebecca V.
  • Morales, Evangeline R.
  • Mostaza, Leonardo A.
  • Natividad, Leonardo M.
  • Olarte, Mervyn Allan N
  • Pajarito, Magdalena D.
  • Parulan, Menalie June P.
  • Riano, Renie R.
  • Rodelas, Romelda M.
  • Romulo, Anicia R.
  • Salera, Romelda R.
  • Samontina, Medardo B.
  • Santos, David A.
  • Sarno, Mormie E.
  • Sausa, Guilbert F.
  • Viernes, Nestor M.
  • Villacampa, Celia O.

President’s Office

  • Asiddao, Irenea G.
  • Estapon, Natividad
  • Fabroa, Amelina R.
  • Gayoba, Arlene M.
  • Gayoba, Francisco D
  • Laberinto, Reynaldo B.
  • Lascuna, Shirley J.
  • Migrino, Noreen F.
  • Mostasa, Lolita
  • Narbarte, Reuel E.
  • Salazar, Esther A.
  • Salmeo, Jocelyn E.
  • Tantia, Enrilyd
  • Vergara, Abel B.


  • Abacan, Melody M.
  • Acquioben, Edmund R.
  • Alamay, Mauricia B.
  • Amurao, Julio C.
  • Angelino, Corazon C.
  • Anolin, Ann G.
  • Apalat, Armando A.
  • Arce, Leilanie R.
  • Arit, Leocadio P.
  • Astrero, Efraem S.
  • Balagtas, Maribel C.
  • Balila, Edwin A.
  • Balila, Jolly S.
  • Balmores, Epifanio
  • Batulayan, Eileen DS
  • Batulayan, Nerissa S.
  • Bicua, Levie L.
  • Bingcang, Angel Grace F.
  • Bingcang, Ivar Nelson E
  • Bosito, Danilo C.
  • Bosito, Lourdes F.
  • Capiendo, Rodrigo R.
  • Carbonilla, Michelle O.
  • Carpizo Ruben T.
  • Castillo, Eva T.
  • Catangay, Alden A.
  • Conejos, Danilo
  • Cruz, Abner M.
  • Dano, Roque A.
  • Datoy, Peter V.
  • De la Paz, Melody D.
  • De Ocampo, Lowena G.
  • De Ocampo, Moises
  • Diamante, Ermilin P.
  • Diesta, Baltazar R.
  • Doble, Jasper A.
  • Esplana, Elizabeth B.
  • Esplana, Ferdinand A.
  • Estrada, Miriam R.
  • Fajanilan, Levy M.
  • Fernando, Andresito P.
  • Fiedacan, Sherwin F.
  • Franche, Rosalinda F.
  • Francisco, Rufina P.
  • Galang, Dina D.
  • Gelladuga, Rey L.
  • Habal, Sharon H.
  • Ibanez, Jeruel B.
  • Idaosos, Caezar F.
  • Jael, Susy A.
  • Jael, Teresita A.
  • Javien, Rico T.
  • Javien Ruth P.
  • Lacuarin, Carmela C.
  • Lagajino, Elmie Lynn V.
  • Lagariza, Tito B.
  • Laguador, Perfecta D.
  • Lamputi, Ma. Corazon F.
  • Ledesma, Grezaida M.
  • Ledesma, Joseph Y.
  • Liwanang, Lilia M.
  • Maalihan, Marilou B.
  • Manlapig, Belle C.
  • Marticio, Florvilla P
  • Mercado, Giovani P.
  • Mergal, Beryl Ben C.
  • Mergal, Vicky C.
  • Miado, Nelah M.
  • Molina, Salvador T.
  • Morada, Rhody K
  • Morado, Loida C.
  • Narbarte, Miriam P.
  • Oblimar, Dante C.
  • Oblimar, Nancy P.
  • Orbe, Joyosthie B.
  • Pagaduan, Marieta B.
  • Pagaduan, Reuben A.
  • Ponsaran, Ramona G.
  • Ramirez, Ramil R.
  • Riano, Darlene J.
  • Rodelas, Judith D.
  • Rodriguez, Jane L.
  • Rosales, Sarah M.
  • Rosario, Orlando F.
  • Salazar, Nimrod S.
  • Sales, Mila H.
  • Sarmiento, Ardelma
  • Sausa, Lualhati P.
  • Secoya, Marjorie Y.
  • Tayaben, Precious R.
  • Tolentino, Oliveth H.
  • Tuting, Agapito A.
  • Ulap, Decie Arlyn Joy B.
  • Valdez, Nera N.
  • Vegafria, Narcisa V.
  • Vegafria, Nicolas C.
  • Vergara, Ruby Grace P.
  • Virgines, Marissa H.

Student Services

  • Apalat, Margeta S.
  • Batulayan, Leomer B
  • Capiendo, Raquel
  • Carbonilla, Juanito M. Jr.
  • Durias, Judy L.
  • Fajardo, Lumen L.
  • Fajardo, Noemi V.
  • Gumarao, Mylene S.
  • Idaosos, Merlina G.
  • Lagarile, Elmer M.
  • Maypa, Richard Philipp M.
  • Paez, Winifredo C.
  • Plandes, Villa G.
  • Valencia, Zenaida A.

Please note that while we have committed every effort to ensure that the above list is comprehensive, we might still have missed out on several names. If you meet the requirements for nomination and are not included in this list, please email

The names of AUP retirees who will also receive their own commemorative stone will be added to this list next week.

For more information on the AUP Centennial Park, click here.


The Walk of Service is not only for AUP workers but for all individuals who meet the following basic criteria:

  1. Had been a student for at least a semester or an employee of PUC/AUP for at least 3 years cumulatively.
  2. The person nominated continues to exemplify the values of the University, represents how the ideals of the University is to be lived out; thus, a worthy example for the future generation of students. Their work of service, as well as their interactions with others, are to be of such moral quality that they do not bring shame or disgrace in any way to the University or the Adventist Church.

In addition, they must also fit into any one of the following categories:

  1. Service in any denominational or a non-profit charity/service/government organization for at least 15 years cumulatively. Since the nominees were remunerated, what is expected is exemplary loving service. Evidences must be provided about the honoree providing service not only as required by the employing organization but service to the Church and community beyond the call of duty. Furthermore, as employees of these organizations, he/she must be have unresolved disciplinary cases, has not been terminated for cause, resigned with prejudice, or left the organizations without fulfilling obligations. Endorsement is required from the management committee of each institution served.
  2. Service on a voluntary service in leadership capacities in any service organization such as local church, mission/conference functions, or community service organization for at least 15 years cumulatively. This category includes self-supporting /self-employed service projects. The service work/project must be endorsed by a denominational or service organization.
  3. An honoris causa awardee of the University for service to humanity.
  4. A Christian Service awardee of the University.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know, please fill out the form here:

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