One Day for AUP

The average AUP student spends at least 1040 days in AUP throughout his or her college life. That’s 1040 days of learning, spiritual growth, and professional and personal development all inside one unique school that trained you for service. Out of these 1040 days, all we ask is that you give back one.

As AUP turns 100 years old, we are appealing to you, our dear alumni, to help your alma mater keep shining on by dedicating one day’s worth of your salary to the AUP College of Medicine as a tribute to AUP’s role in your success. Just one day of your work week would greatly aid in the completion of the first SDA medical school in Asia and the sixth in the world. One day of your work week would go a long way towards helping the university fulfill its dream of training physicians in the spirit of Christian service and medical missionary work. Should you feel moved to give, please submit your donations through the following means:

  • Online donations: Please visit
  • Bank deposits and cheques:
    • Metrobank Peso Savings Account Name: Philanthropy
    • Account Number: 3863386053686
    • Please write “For COM” as a note on the deposit/cheque
    • Email or fax us a copy of your deposit slip/cheque ( or fax +63 (49) 541-1228)
  • Submit your donation to the AUP Accounting Office

AUP’s faculty members have already joined the cause by committing one week of their salary to the College of Medicine. Dear alumni, would you be willing to give us a day of yours?



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