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Admission Requirements for Foreign Students

  • Accomplished Application Form with 2” x 2” picture recently taken
  • Form 138 from Senior High School (authenticated)
  • Transcript of Records/Scholastic Records (authenticated by Philippine Embassy in the country of origin (if transferee)
  • Good Moral Letter (from last school attended)
  • Recommendation Forms/Letters (from last school attended)
  • Personal History Statement with 2” x 2” picture (Forms may be downloaded)
  • Foreign Student’s Pledge  (notarized)
  • A grade point average (GPA) of C (2.50, 80-82%)
  • Diploma/Degree Certificate (authenticated)
  • Police Clearance Certificate issued by the National Police Authority in the country of origin or residence (authenticated)
  • NBI Clearance for applicants who graduated in the Philippines
  • Medical Health Exam Results (authenticated) for the following:
    • Urine
    • Stool
    • Chest X-ray
    • Malaria Smear
    • Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL)
  • Vaccination Certificate for polio and yellow fever
  • Birth Certificate (authenticated)
  • Certificate of No Objection (transferee)
  • Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer (transferee)
  • 2” x 2” picture (5 pcs.)
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (if married) authenticated
  • Photocopy of Student’s Passport showing date and place of birth (authenticated by the Philippine Embassy in the country of origin)
  • Affidavit of Support (authenticated) or grant for institutional scholars
  • Bank Reference (authenticated ) not less than US$5,000.
  • Payment of Fees:
    • Application (US$175)
    • Testing
    • Identification Card (ID)
  • Financial Security Deposit (US$1,000) which could be withdrawn upon finishing the program or leaving the University permanently.

 An applicant is required to take entrance tests in Mathematics, English, and Psychological tests to be administered by the University Guidance Office.  If an applicant failed in the English test, he/she will be advised to enroll in English as a Second Language courses for one semester before he/she will be allowed to register in a regular class.

Additional Information for Foreign Students

In order for foreign students to have a pleasant stay in the country, the student must abide with the following instructions:

  • Upon arrival of the student in the Philippines, he/she is required to go to the National Quarantine Office for medical clearance.  Then he/she proceeds to the Office of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for application for ACR I-Card.
  • The student is expected to be a full time student, not less than 15 units and should finish the course within the time specified in the approved curriculum.
  • All foreign students are expected to stay in the dormitory and eat at the University Cafeteria which serves vegetarian food only.  Married students with family must apply for student apartment.