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Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.


It is the mission of the College of Theology to train and equip men and women who feel called to the pastoral ministry through a thorough, well-balanced theological and professional discipline.


As a church institution of higher learning, we envision the College of Theology as a center devoted to excellence, commitment, and discipline where Jesus Christ the master teacher works with and through human teachers to produce competent church workers who will serve as pastors, administrators, and health educators or chaplaincy administrators wherever they are called to minister in the world.


The College of Theology seeks to:

  • Fulfill the spiritual objectives of the College.
  • Prepare competent, highly motivated, and consecrated ministers, Bible teachers, church workers, health educators, chaplains, and lay members for the task of fulfilling the church’s mission.
  • Develop in students an awareness and acceptance of the Bible as the Word of God and a guide to Christian faith and living.
  • Help students develop an active life of faith, prayer, worship and service to God, fellowmen, and country.
  • Prepare certain students for graduate programs in religion.

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