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College of Nursing


The college of nursing as an integral part of Adventist University of the Philippines adheres and supports the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and considers nursing as a tool through which God’s love and the message of salvation shall be transmitted to others.  The faculty and staff of the College of Nursing believe:

  1. That the concept of wholeness and the restoration of man in the image of God is the ultimate aim.
  2. That nursing is a manifestation of one’s love for serving others.
  3. That the art and science of Nursing is best learned in an environment in which the student may grow and develop in professional competence, scientific judgment, healthy personality and dynamic Christian experience
  4. That the scientifically-based knowledge and skills in nursing is learned through theory and practice.
  5. That the nurse applies knowledge and skills in health promotion, illness prevention and rehabilitation.
  6. That nursing education, which is flexible and innovative, must prepare the student to perform the current, and developing roles of the professional nurse.


The Adventist University of the Philippines, College of Nursing envisions to produce graduate nurses who are committed to serve, bearing the loving character of Jesus; who are innovative, globally competitive and responsive to human needs through wholistic education provided by qualified, and dedicated Christian teachers.


  1. To inculcate the spirit of Christian devotion for service to God and man, foster loving and caring relationship with the patients, colleagues and others.
  2. To promote and maintain high quality Christian education through proper selection of faculty and would-be students.
  3. To provide opportunities for the faculty for continuing professional growth, research and scholarly activities in order to achieve high level teacher competence and devotion to teaching.


  1. Provide spiritually-filled activities for the faculty, staff and students.
  2. Instill the values of love and caring relationship to patients, colleagues and others.
  3. Select committed and qualified Christian faculty and staff.
  4. Enhance continuing growth and development of faculty and staff through formal and informal evaluation and research.
  5. Integrate wholesome social activities to the lifestyle of faculty, staff and students.

Graduate Studies


The primary aim of this program is to prepare nurses to function as specialists in an area of clinical nursing.  Concomitant with this goal; the program will also provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills in the functional areas of teaching and administration.

The student will be expected to:

  1. Increase professional competence in the use of the nursing process and in decision-making for patient care.
  2. Acquire a body of knowledge from literature in the major and related fields.
  3. Acquire knowledge and develop skills basic to teaching or administration.
  4. Develop additional collaborative skills with other professionals.
  5. Develop independent learning skills for continued personal and professional growth.
  6. Develop beginning systematic investigative skills needed to expand the theoretical and clinical base for nursing.

Admission Requirements

  1. All the general admission requirements of the University
  2. Photocopy of PRC License
  3. Certification of at least 3-6 months postgraduate clinical training/experience


The graduate program in nursing offers a Master of Science degree with clinical majors in Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing and Advanced Maternal-Child Nursing.  Each student also selects a functional area of either teaching or administration.

                The Master of Science in Nursing degree requires completion of at least 48 units for Medical-Surgical Nursing and 50 units for Maternal-Child Nursing distributed as follows: