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College of Health


The philosophical foundation of the AUP College of Health is rooted in the concept of wholism, as quoted from Dr. Paul Tournier, “The Whole Person in a Broken World”. Health is viewed as resulting from the harmonious development and integration of man’s spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual dimensions. The Whole Man, through enlightened choices and actions, appropriately adapts himself to the total environment, for the fulfillment of the Creator’s design.  Thus, health is seen as a positive, dynamic, and purposeful way of life, the attainment of which calls for specific lifestyle changes by individuals and communities.

Mission and Identity

As an integral part of the extensive network of the educational and health care institutions operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church around the world, and particularly its mother institution, the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP), the College of Health (COH) identifies itself as a Christian school of health.  As such its mission is the preparation of professionals, in both public health and allied health fields, who will serve as Jesus Christ did in bringing total health at the individual and community levels.

Professional Orientation

While this college gives priority to preparing health education leaders for the man-power needs of its affiliated organizations, it also recognizes its responsibility for the training of competent professionals for service in public and other private health agencies.

The curriculum design and teaching methods stress creativity in designing and implementing public health programs and projects which are scientifically sound, socially relevant, and culturally acceptable.  The affiliated institutions offer an unparalleled resource for community health study and practice, while the rural setting of the spacious campus of AUP offers abundant opportunity for practical experience in developing prototypes of model projects applicable in Third World countries.  Moreover, in the adjacent Manila and suburbs is located an extensive variety of public health agencies and organization with libraries and other professional resources available to our students.