Blasius Abin

Universitas Klabat


Blasius Abin, PhD was born in Manggarai-Flores, Indonesia on 1968. He earned his Bachelor in Philosophy of Religion from Klabat University-Manado, Indonesia (1997) and his Masters (M.Div) and Doctors (PhD) degree from Adventist International Institute of Advance Studies, Philippines (2008/2013). His specialization is Biblical Studies, emphasis in Old Testament. He has been a lecturer at Faculty of Theology of Klabat University from 2003.



This article is not an exhaustive discussion of evolutionist’s tenet in contrast to Biblical perspective on dinosaurs. The depicting of dinosaurs’ evolution, the geologic timescale, the existence and extinction of dinosaurs has been covered by numerous publications. The researcher attempted to demonstrate that when one takes the events of history as given in the Bible, as well as the doctrines of Christianity (that are all ultimately, directly or indirectly, founded in Genesis 1-11), then an entire way of thinking can actually be developed that can be applied to all areas of the created universe. Once Christians understand this, they will find it easy to be able to give answers to a variety of question on dinosaurs.  In order to achieve that purpose, this article discussed the conventional paradigm on dinosaurs and biblical perspective in comparison. Based on the result, once Christians believe and understand the Bible to the history book of the universe, they will be able understand the existence and extinction of dinosaurs.


Keywordsdinosaurs, creation, evolution