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AUP Faculty Participated in the Geoscience Research Institute Book Project

May 11, 2021

The Geoscience Research Institute (GRI) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church spearheaded the book project that affirms the biblical accounts and relates them to origins, design, and catastrophe.


Dr. Orlex B. Yllano of the Department of Biology, College of Science and Technology contributed a chapter in the book “Design and Catastrophe:  51 Scientists Explore Evidence in Nature. This book is a collection of essays on the extensive evidence of design and catastrophe in our world and affirms the biblical teaching of origin. It has 51 chapters grouped into nine interesting parts: In the Beginning, Of Life and Molecules,  A Green World, Filling the Waters and the Air, Let the Earth Bring Forth, In God’s Image, Interdependence and Cooperation, Out of Eden, and Vestiges of Catastrophe. Dr. John T. Baldwin from Andrews University mentioned in his review,  “These essays on earth and life sciences, physics, mathematics and astronomy ably illustrate that Scripture provides a solid platform from which to explore the natural world through scientific research.” This 240-page book was edited by Dr. James L.  Gibson, Dr. Ronny Nalin, and Dr. Humberto M. Rasi.  This book may be utilized as a complementary resource material for life science faculty and students and also intended for general readership. The book is now available for purchase from Andrews University Online Bookstore and Amazon.