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April 7, 2021, 2:30pm.

On Monday night, March 29, 2021, the first two students in Mahogany Hall who appeared to show the symptoms of a possible COVID-19 were isolated.  By April 2, another three from Acacia Hall were tested with the rest with Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test and the results also came out positive. A campus lockdown was immediately implemented. During the lockdown, all campus residents stayed inside their dwellings. Water, groceries from the store, and meals from the cafeteria were delivered to the dorms.

Mass testing was started Saturday, and by Sunday, April 4, a total of 197 students, mostly from the two men’s dorms, had been tested.  Fifty-four turned out to be positive. That same night all those that tested positive were immediately transferred to Molave Hall, which served as the campus COVID-19 Quarantine facility.  All those whose tests came back negative returned to their dorms for continued isolation. As for the residents in the ladies’ dormitories and apartments, all those identified as “close contacts” have been tested, and isolated.  There had been no additional indications of COVID symptoms among female students.

Confirmatory Antigen tests were conducted on those who previously tested negative, starting Tuesday, April 6.  Of the 18 negative symptomatic patients tested, only one turned out to be positive. The remaining number, the negative asymptomatic cases, would again be tested Wednesday afternoon, April 7. After separating the positive COVID patients from those confirmed negative, the dorms would be disinfected and prepared for a possible lifting of the lockdown on Sunday, April 11.  University employees and student workers would also be tested to ensure that all personnel serving the campus residents would be COVID-free.

The students who tested positive continue to have mild symptoms.  Some of those in the University Quarantine facility showing more moderate symptoms may be transferred to a government-operated Mega-Quarantine Facility in Calamba which has been offered to us for free.  The University would like to assure parents and families that the COVID-19 outbreak is under control a week after it started.  Let us continue to pray for God’s protection and care for our students and the University as a whole.