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Today April 23, 2021, a total of 81 students have fully recovered and are now back on campus from the Calamba Mega quarantine facility. The concerted effort of the medical team and the university guidance department, visiting them daily, sending food, medicines, and conducting psychosocial support, helped them recover quickly. They are now back to continue their online classes.

We commend our donors’ generosity and immediate response.  We thank the AUP alumni, brethren from different churches, various institutions, youth groups, and volunteer individuals. The cash gifts, goods, medicine, and especially prayers helped our students’ quick recovery.

The university continues to strengthen its effort to prevent the incident from happening again. However, Zero Covid infection remains a challenge. As of April 22, four new cases inside the campus were reported, this time among the employees and their families. They were immediately transferred to the Calamba Mega quarantine facility. The result of the contact tracing shows no evidence of internal community transmission. The individuals tested positive after coming from an essential activity off-campus. AUP continues to implement strict health protocols to prevent the spread of infection.