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Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak on campus, effective April 22, 2021 new schedules, rules, and regulations will be observed to upgrade the safety and health of its residents.  The areas of concern are the store and ATM access, outdoor exercise schedules and routes of various groups, and the observance of bubble areas on campus.  The administration appeals for full support, cooperation, and strict compliance.


To: Campus Residents
From: AUP Administration

Please be informed of the new schedules, rules, and regulations on campus concerning store and ATM access, outdoor exercise routs for various groups, and bubble areas effective April 22. Compliance will be strictly imposed. Thank you for your cooperation and support of our desire to keep our campus safe and the residents healthy.

Store or ATM Access (8AM-12NN/1PM-3PM)

For Students and Employees and their Families (15-64 years old)


Sundays / Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Fridays (1PM-3PM only)


Mondays / Thursdays / Fridays (9AM-12NN only)

Outdoor Exercise Schedule and Routes for Various Groups:

This limited to walking, jogging, and biking. The Student’s Park, however, is for the exclusive use of those in quarantine or the recovered student temporarily housed in Molave Hall 1st floor.  They will use this area not only for exercise but also to be exposed to the outdoors.

Schedule for all groups:

Sundays to Fridays, 5:00-7:30AM
Sundays to Thursdays, 4:00-5:30PM.  Note:  No afternoon exercise on Friday afternoons.

Permitted outdoor exercise areas and ROUTES for various groups:

  1. Route for employees and their families: The Dahilig-Tabing Ilog Road, from the tank to Daniel Hall.  Those coming from Nayong Masaya and homes near the store may use the main road up to the Roda’s Park junction to reach the Dahilig-Tabing Ilog exercise area.  Those residing behind the Academy may use the Practice Driving area.
  2. Route for Mahogany and Acacia Residents:  From the Nayong Masaya junction Outpost to Finster Parking Area only.
  3. Route for Ladies Dorms and Apartments: From Ilang-ilang, Waling, Cadena, Sampaguita, Dama, and Cattleya pathwalks toward the COD road, then right at the Amphitheater toward CST, then left to Nursing and the Centennial Park.  In the return route, from the Pillars pathwalk, continue to use pathwalk toward central parking, but turn left at the road to Dentistry/Sampaguila Hall.  Use the CSC-Sampaguita-Cadena pathwalk to return to the dorms  and apartments.
  4. Route for Apartments A to H residents:  Walk towards the Elementary school road using pathwalks without going through the main road.  From the junction of the former Housing Maintenance building, up to the Elementary school.  Turn right to a dirt road past the Korean Church, then past the flat area with the Elementary school on the right.  This dirt road would reach almost to the boundary wall.  When the first houses of Nayong Masaya could be seen on the right, it is time to go back and retrace the route back before reaching the rotunda near Apt D.
  5. Employees residing below the CAH building can use the road that goes past the Motorpool and turn around on the guard outpost in the former sugarcane farm.