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All Covid-Positive Cases Transfer to RQF

Apr 15, 2021

Mega Quarantine Facility in Calamba City, Laguna (Photo:

Mega Quarantine Facility in Calamba City, Laguna (Photo:

As of Monday, April 12, “No COVID-positive patient is on campus.” The statement was released by Dr. F.D. Gayoba, AUP President, in his report to Dr. Biglete, CHEd Regional Director. The students who tested positive are all in the CALABARZON Mega-Quarantine Facility (RQF) in Calamba, Laguna.” The remaining thirty-seven students who tested positive were transferred from April 11-14. On Sunday, April 11, the last of the possible close contacts and employees who are serving the campus residents in person were tested. In all 81 tests performed, one student came out positive. He was isolated and eventually moved to the RQF for further monitoring and management. The University is using the FTTIS model to control the outbreak of Covid-19.

FTTIS, which stands for Find, Test, Trace, Isolate, and Support, continues with AUP personnel, testing the remaining occupants of Mahogany and Acacia men’s dormitories and AUP staff who serve residents in-person since the outbreak. Testing is done by the University Health Service Infection Control Team (ICT) using the Ag-RDT or antigen rapid test. To date, they have performed 437 tests. Furthermore, the University hired additional medical staff and assigned Guidance Counselors for each Covid case who also communicate with their respective parents or guardians. The infected students in both RQF and AUP also received food, water, and other donors’ provisions. Moreover, support through prayer groups is in progress.

As of April 14, the RQF discharged eight students. They are back on campus on low-level quarantine at Sampaguita Hall. In all, there were 84 positive cases, 39- symptomatic, and 45- asymptomatic.