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AWESNA Alumni extends help to AUP working students

AUP-PUC Alumni of Western North America (AWESNA) extended help to working students of Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) through an assistance program held at the commission point—Centennial park on February 15, 2020. 

wsa_awesnaHeaded by the AUP Working Student Association (WSA), its officers along with the Student Services Office and the University Advancement Office, working students gathered together for an assistance program rendered by AWESNA alumni. The program started with a devotional of which Gino Virtucio, an AB Theology student and the WSA president gave the devotional message. Several working students also rendered their ministry by sharing their talents in singing. Mrs. Ceres Arevalo Gurango, the representative of the Alumni from Great Los Angeles, along with other AUP alumni supporters were present and recognized for the assistance they have shared with AUP working students. A hearty dinner was served after the worship program, followed by the gift-giving, where working students received hygienic kits from the alumni.

These alumni continue to hope that through the help that they continue to extend, AUP working students would be encouraged to finish their education in the institution and be used in the future in the gospel work throughout the world.