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Puting Kahoy, Silang Cavite—Students and faculty of Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP), headed by Vice President for Academics, Dr. Miriam P. Narbarte, assembled for Academic Emphasis Day on August 30, 2019, for the Academic Year 2019-2020 at Philippine International Church.

At the genesis of every academic year, new and returning students are hailed in their academic journey through this program wherein new students are welcomed to the university family and presented to faculty and the people who would help them in their academic journey. AUP strives to achieve academic excellence, Christ-like character, and exemplary service to the students through the education that they would acquire in the next four to five years. The university welcomed 77 freshmen from College of Arts & Humanities (CAH), 170—College of Business (COB), 95—College of Dentistry (COD), 68; COE, 232—College of Health (COH), 63—College of Medicine (COM), 260; CON, 22; COT, 50—College of Science & Technology.

academicemphasis19_02Students, faculty, and guests joined Dr. Susan Pineda Mercado, Special Envoy of the President for Global Health Initiatives, Republic of the Philippines; the guest speaker of the program. Dr. Mercado has practiced her profession as a medical doctor for 30 years; she has also served in the World Health Organization (WHO) for over 15 years, where she has contributed in transformative public health. She also served as Undersecretary and Chief of Staff of the Philippine Department of Health.

Dr. Mercado has shared a timely and meaningful message that centered about public health problems because of insufficient and lack of basic needs. She has presented the different public health issues on different levels, from the societal level, to environmental and down to the personal level, emphasizing that a global problem requires global solutions and that students and the youth can change the lives of society. Dr. Mercado also re-iterates laws and policies that support the various advocacies where it is directed towards reducing risk factors and increasing prevention of these public health issues, while encouraging and challenging the youth and students with her culminating words: “Youth, use the opportunity given by your parents and the school to change and make the world a better place…”

academicemphasis19_03Ms. Grace Eunice Salvacion, Top 1 at the Nutrition and Dietetics Board Examination for 2019, was also present and was recognized for bringing glory to God who stood out among the 1, 517 board examiners.

With the increasing vie for eminence, AUP continues to underpin the value of quality Christian education. With its pursuit for Academic Excellence, Christ-like character, and Exemplary service, the university continues to integrate faith in learning, firmly holding onto the greatest teacher of all—Jesus Christ.