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“Cooperation, Action, and Harmony”, kept the College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) faculty, staff, and their respective families busy and bonded on July 25 and 26 as they experienced the theme of their 2019 retreat. Team building activities, strategic planning, and community outreach to the Aetas in the hills of Guab, Magalang, Pampanga were all accomplished in two days.

Team building activities were led by the Psychology department headed by Dr. Sheryl Ann Castillo and Ms. Myrtle Orbon, the department chair, who divided the other six departments namely, Developmental Communication, Fine Arts, History, Languages, Music, and Physical Education into 5 color groups. These groups composed of four to five members each wore blue, orange, pink, violet, and yellow. Five challenging yet, hilarious team building activities were accomplished by each group, with Team Orange finishing with the greatest number of points.

The retreat also became an avenue wherein the CAH family can serve and minister to the others, despite steep slopes, the CAH team hiked their way to serve and bring goods to the community of the Aetas, braving the humidity after lunchtime going up, and the heavy rains in the late afternoon on their way down back to the retreat house which is the Adventist Community Center.


The culminating activity was the continuation of the strategic plans by departments which were completed on Friday afternoon, with Dr. Eunice Aclan, CAH dean as facilitator. Devotional speakers of the event were Dr. Flor Marticio, former Dean of CAH; Ma’am Tess Belarmino, Language Center coordinator; and Dr. Jesse Songcayawon, Chair of the of the History department.

Based on the accomplishments, and attendance which according to Ma’am Mary Ann Asi, secretary of CAH “only four faculty members were not able to attend for valid reasons”, the retreat was a success, and a greater blessing as well because of the presence of three CAH deans namely, Dr. Aclan, Dr. Marticio, and Dr. Aida Ledesma.


CAH wishes to thank Ma’am Jonalyn Aclon of the PE department and her team of chefs for facilitating the accommodation and meals, the elders and officers and members of the SDA church and community center in Guab, the vehicle owners, and all those who contributed in cash and in kind for the success of the program.

*(article written by Elmie Lynn V. Lagajino)