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com-contractsigning1 Thirty-nine Adventist University of the Philippines -College of Medicine (AUP-COM) scholars have participated in the academic scholarship contract signing on August 7, 2019, Multipurpose Hall.

The institution continues to support quality Christian-education through helping aspiring students finish their degrees. Some of the beneficiaries of such support are the COM scholars who have gathered for a contract signing before the university administrators. Present in the program are Dr. Francisco Gayoba, University President; Dr. Miriam P. Narbarte, VP Academics; Dr. Reuel E. Narbarte, HR Director; Dr. Robert Borromeo, VP Finance; Ptr. Salvador Molina, VP Student Services; Dr. Doris Mendoza, AUP-COM founding and current dean;  Ptr. Rex Mangiliman, Church Pastor; and  Mr. Oemer Rey T. Daquila, Director of the University Advancement Office.

With the support of the government for accessible education, academic scholarships help students acquire diploma with minimal exchange for the expenses—a return service to community and the Filipino people. “…those academic scholarship contract reflects our values. Values to study and the purpose of study and that is to serve the church and the country”, Dr. Gayoba pointed out. He emphasized that it’s not the high grades that matter, but rather the spirit of service after gaining an education, a mission that is beyond mere academic excellence.


Thirteen scholars came from the freshmen year, eleven from the sophomore year, six from the junior year, and ten from the senior year. Thirty-one of which are members of the Seventh-Day Adventist denomination and nine are non-Adventists. This only proves that the university also advocates  education for all.