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Learned. Educated. Discerning. Wise. This is how the graduating class Erudite 2019 has described themselves; a group of people who have embarked on the eternal journey for Godly wisdom. The Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) celebrates the success of the  graduates of class 2019 during the 135th Commencement exercises.

A total of 672 students from the eight colleges of the university alongside with the university graduate school reached another milestone of their academic journey with AUP on May 26, 2019. There were 541 from the bachelors level, 120 from the masters level, and 11 came from doctoral level. A good 105 Erudite graduates fincished with honors (9 Suma Cum laude, 39 Magna Cum Laude, 57 Cum Laude, 62 Dean’s award), a proof of the academic excellence that students have worked hard for.

Eighty-four of them came from the College of Arts and Humanities, 194 from the College Of Business, 8 from College of Dentistry, 143 from College Of Health, 80 from the College of Nursing, 58 from the College of Science and Technology, and 24 from the College of Theology. There were also 150 foreign graduates who came from 30 countries around the globe.

uao00247Ms. Angela Manalo Lalas, an alumna of the university, was the guest speaker of the 135th Commencement exercises shared an inspirational message to the graduating seniors. She described her message as words of wisdom for those who need it, words of caution for those who think they don’t need it, and words of comfort for those who are caught in between. She has affirmed that the graduation day is a proof of God’s faithfulness to each one of them from freshmen year to senior year.

She commended the class as they have prayed as a group for God’s guidance for every decision they make. More than anything else she encouraged the graduating class to ask themselves “what have I become after passing through the gate of this great institution?” She persuaded Batch Erudite whether a diploma, an award, or a personal recognition was the end of all their efforts?

She had emphasized that more than just gaining plain knowledge is the acquiring of genuine wisdom and practicing it while defining and living-up their identity not as how the temporal world defines it but as how the eternal God values their identity. They are ERUDITE—becoming wise because God has given them wisdom not by their own efforts alone; the true reflectors of Christ-like character. Ms. Lalas emphasized to always have that special something inside to give and share to others the extra mile of selfless service.

She reminded the graduates that wisdom begins with humility and continues to blossom as they advance in their learning journey to beat the challenges of the fast-phased changing industry. She also encouraged everyone to remember that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of life, living because of the mission, and for mission, and always having that spirit of Christian service. She further reiterated that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom which can only be gained through a close relationship with God and a daily devotion to His words. She also shared that wisdom is manifested in the choices that people make and value. A close look into what they value would help them re-evaluate how they live. Lastly, she reminded everyone that the ultimate fruit of wisdom is compassion for wisdom is not what people say, but what they choose to do.


As another chapter closes, a new one opens, a new door, a new story, a brand new journey is waiting for the Erudite class of 2019. From that day, 672 new vessels were sent to the world to be the salt and bear the light of the Gospel message, shining forever, on ever onward!